Print this page   I wish to carry out a free test of the EasyForYou E-Commerce.

For that, I proceed by steNote:

1) If you do not have EasyForYou yet,download and install the trial version.

2) Send us a e-mail with subject “provisional licence for the management of categories, images and e-commerce”.
If you have already a web site or if you have a web site of Code which you like the design, please communicate us the name or link to (URL).

3) Following the reception of your licences, in EasyForYou, menu File->Categories, add your various mothers categories and possible Sub-Categories.

4) In EasyForYou, menu File->Products->Tab Category, bind the products to their respective categories.

5) Zip and send us by e-mail as attachment the products data base (c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\EasyNet\Easy For You (To locate the folder, see the menu Help->Folder)\easywin.MDB) and the possible images (folder c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\EasyNet\Easy For You (To locate the folder, see the menu Help->Folder)\images)

6) As soon as possible, you will receive a link to visit the demonstration of the EasyForYou E-Commerce which will show your products on line.