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19.03.475 07/03/2019  Problem with saving saldo in Payment management solved EasyWin Fixed  
19.03.474 01/03/2019  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
19.02.473 22/02/2019  New Procedure to activate a free demo from mobile Android EasyWin New  
19.02.472 20/02/2019  More efficient with mobile version EasyWin New  
19.02.471 19/02/2019  Problem with listing barcodes solved EasyWin Fixed  
19.02.470 06/02/2019  variable not set problem in timer1 solved EasyWin Fixed  
19.02.469 01/02/2019  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
19.01.468 24/01/2019  Update regarding Windows 10 update EasyWin New  
19.01.467 21/01/2019  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
19.01.466 14/01/2019  New module DoGetOrders.exe to check online orders (or other documents) for the EasyMobile EasyWin New  
19.01.465 08/01/2019  The Email windows parameter movable was set to off. From this version, the Windows is again movable. EasyWin Fixed  
19.01.464 01/01/2019  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
18.12.463 19/12/2018  New - Put variable AttachSerialNumbers=Y in the ini file. When you send PDF file this will attach a CSV containing the serial numbers of the products EasyWin New  
18.12.462 17/12/2018  From now in EasyForYou, the module Export Products export update the field pictures for WOOCommerce EasyWin New  
18.12.461 10/12/2018  New Impport -Export CSV (compatible WOOCommerce) EasyWin New  
18.12.460 06/12/2018  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
18.12.459 01/12/2018  Automatic update of the new VAT of 9% instead of the old 6%, from 1 January 2019 for the Netherlands EasyWin New  
18.11.458 23/11/2018  From now, EasyForYou is compatible with for fast Mobile sync. EasyWin New  
18.11.457 13/11/2018  From now, in the most cases, solve automatically corrupted database EasyWin New  
18.11.456 02/11/2018  From Nom,in all.ini,you can use ReplaceLanguage=(from)(To) to replace a existing language to a new language (Using Google translation) Exemple ReplaceLanguage=ITHU (repl Italian with Hungarian) EasyWin New  
18.11.455 01/11/2018  From now, the Tools-> import products from Excel can use the Google translation for your descriptions. EasyWin New  
18.10.454 25/10/2018  New button in Produts management to translate automatically the description (google translate) !!! Need a Full Update EasyWin New  
18.10.453 18/10/2018  Problem with scheduller solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.10.452 17/10/2018  New variable for All.ini NewVatDiscount=Y to use a other method to calculate discount (escompte) EasyWin New  
18.10.451 01/10/2018  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
18.09.450 26/09/2018  Problem to delete some produts solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.09.449 01/09/2018  All link conversion from http to https EasyWin New  
18.08.448 08/08/2018  Problem to send email with pdf solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.08.447 05/08/2018  Problem with connexion to internet solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.08.446 01/08/2018  Problem to check VAT ID in customer management solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.07.445 19/07/2018  Ssl certificate added on all urls that pass https EasyWin New  
18.07.444 06/07/2018  Problem with default printer solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.07.443 01/07/2018  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
18.06.442 12/06/2018  From this version, your customers can sign the delivery notes with your mobile phone. EasyWin New  
18.06.441 06/06/2018  Message for Warning :expire update solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.06.440 01/06/2018  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
18.05.439 23/05/2018  Problem when customer advanced search with mobile number solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.05.438 16/05/2018  Problem whith quantity when modify description solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.05.437 03/05/2018  Problem with reset default printer solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.05.436 01/05/2018  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
18.05.435 25/04/2018  From Next version Updates Works on Nace SinoloGy EasyWin New  
18.04.434 13/04/2018  From this version you can send documents by email (PDF) from your mobile version EasyWin New  
18.04.433 04/04/2018  New update warnings 30 days before end update EasyWin New  
18.04.432 03/04/2018  New message and procedure for the EFYNET 4575 EasyWin New  
18.04.431 01/04/2018  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
18.03.430 29/03/2018  From this version you can add new products from your mobile version EasyWin New  
18.03.429 26/03/2018  From this version you can add new customers or suppliers from your mobile version EasyWin New  
18.03.428 22/03/2018  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
18.03.427 21/03/2018  From this version you can scan barcodes an create products in EasyForYou from your Mobile Phone EasyWin New  
18.03.426 21/03/2018  Problem with Error 4575 solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.03.425 12/03/2018  New : print additional fields on labels with square parentheses as delimiters (faq 37) EasyWin New  
18.03.424 12/03/2018  fields Packing and Expiration dates for serial and batch numbers available on Labels EasyWin New  
18.03.423 08/03/2018  New fields Packing and Expiration dates for serial and batch numbers EasyWin New  
18.03.422 01/03/2018  Mobile APK availaible in Betatest EasyWin New  
18.02.421 15/02/2018  New PDF Printer system upgrade EasyWin New  
18.02.420 14/02/2018  New parameter to import XLS product files without cleaning code3 (ImpXLSDontChangeCLE3 = Y to add in all.ini) EasyWin New  
18.02.419 12/02/2018  New PDF Printer system ( ) Next week availaible in the others languages. EasyWin New  
18.02.418 06/02/2018  New task sheduller functions (tools) EasyWin New  
18.02.417 01/02/2018  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
18.01.416 24/01/2018  Update for exporting ean13 into List->Movements codes to XLS files (ExportFieldsMvtToXls=CLE2.EAN13) EasyWin New  
18.01.415 23/01/2018  Problem when copy a customer order to a supplier order with stock in order by supplier solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.01.414 22/01/2018  New VAT rate for Switzerland 7.7% EasyWin New  
18.01.413 16/01/2018  New Parameter->Misc2->DOC->Boolean->SplitDocBySupplier EasyWin New  
18.01.412 11/01/2018  New Parameter->Misc2->DOC->Boolean->AutoprintPDF EasyWin New  
18.01.411 03/01/2018  Problem with backup fixed EasyWin Fixed  
18.01.410 02/01/2018  Problem with printing a long list of documents solved EasyWin Fixed  
18.01.409 01/01/2018  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
17.12.408 25/12/2017  Problem with sponsoring fixed EasyWin Fixed  
17.12.407 19/12/2017  Problem in Listing Barcodes solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.12.406 14/12/2017  Problem to update on a NAS driver solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.12.405 10/12/2017  Problem in graphics solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.12.404 07/12/2017  Problem in export expertm solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.12.403 06/12/2017  Problem to print PDF with old windows version solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.12.402 05/12/2017  Problem with Exporting to accounting solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.12.401 01/12/2017  Program is now compatible with PDFcreator 3 EasyWin New  
17.11.400 17/11/2017  Problem with sponsoring fixed EasyWin Fixed  
17.11.399 16/11/2017  Problem in export to top account solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.11.398 01/11/2017  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
17.10.397 26/10/2017  New Menu Help->Folders (To browse the differents folders from easyforyou) EasyWin New  
17.10.396 25/10/2017  ImportExcel.exe also updated with new method EasyWin New  
17.10.395 24/10/2017  New method for export excel EasyWin New  
17.10.394 20/10/2017  Check for Export Excel EasyWin Fixed  
17.10.392 01/10/2017  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
17.09.391 07/09/2017  Problem for Greek VAT id check solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.09.390 01/09/2017  Problem with kits (text lines)in big databases solved. EasyWin Fixed  
17.09.388 31/07/2017  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
17.08.387 27/07/2017  New reorganisation module to check integrity of the VAT codes. EasyWin New  
17.07.386 20/07/2017  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
17.07.385 10/07/2017  New MULTYSOC customer EasyWin New  
17.07.384 07/07/2017  Problem with uppercase for some scanners solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.07.382 04/07/2017  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
17.06.380 15/06/2017  New check to select PDF Printer name EasyWin Fixed  
17.06.379 07/06/2017  List Documents, some documents total stay to zero, now solved with reorganisation or update EasyWin Fixed  
17.06.378 01/06/2017  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
17.05.377 08/05/2017  New transfert accounting Expert M+ EasyWin New  
17.05.376 05/05/2017  Problem with decreasing prices by quantity solved. EasyWin Fixed  
17.05.375 01/05/2017  Problem with decreasing prices by category solved. EasyWin Fixed  
17.04.374 27/04/2017  New control in reorganisation menu for the degressive quantities EasyWin Fixed  
17.04.373 19/04/2017  New VAT for New Caledonia TGC and RIDET as enterprise number EasyWin New  
17.04.372 13/04/2017  Problem with lines numbers in Tools->Group documents solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.04.371 12/04/2017  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin Fixed  
17.04.370 11/04/2017  New module EFYSIZECOLOR Size and color selection form (press F9) EasyWin New  
17.04.369 07/04/2017  New menu Help->Forder To check the folder from your software EasyWin New  
17.04.368 03/04/2017  Problem with version whoes top when update license is not active solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.04.367 01/04/2017  New : soon (this week) new transfert to accounting topACCOUNT (Kluwer) EasyWin New  
17.04.366 01/04/2017  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
17.03.365 28/03/2017  Problem with line order solved when copy from BO EasyWin Fixed  
17.03.364 23/03/2017  Problem with lines order when restore a Kit solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.03.363 20/03/2017  New in menu Edit and load->Packages You can include variables like [YEAR] (Long like 2017) or [YY] (Short with 2 digits) (also with [YYYY+x] or like [YEAR-2]). You can also include the variable [Date] EasyWin New  
17.03.362 07/03/2017  From this version, automatic update every month. Also update from menu File->license GO EasyWin New  
17.03.361 01/03/2017  New template for barcodes labels (A4 4x10 - 40 labels) EasyWin New  
17.02.358 02/02/2017  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
17.02.357 01/02/2017  Problem with line order solved when group more than one document. EasyWin Fixed  
17.01.356 04/01/2017  Problem with TPS 9.975% in Canada solved EasyWin Fixed  
17.01.355 01/01/2017  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
16.12.354 23/12/2016  Problem to download update licenses solved EasyWin Fixed  
16.12.353 01/12/2016  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
16.10.351 27/10/2016  Problem with netuse over error solved EasyWin Fixed  
16.10.350 20/10/2016  Problem with exporting documents to excell solved EasyWin Fixed  
16.10.349 19/10/2016  Problem with calculation of the margin and turnover graphic solved EasyWin Fixed  
16.10.348 07/10/2016  Problem with minus code in key when reorganisation solved EasyWin Fixed  
16.10.347 06/10/2016  Barcode bst20 problem with reading - (minus code) solved EasyWin Fixed  
16.10.346 01/10/2016  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
16.09.346 29/09/2016  New parameter in All.ini RoundVatInReorg=Y To reorg all the amounts vat incl when you need to export the excell file to the accounting EasyWin Fixed  
16.09.345 08/09/2016  Problem in the orders with deposit text solved EasyWin Fixed  
16.09.344 02/09/2016  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
16.08.343 24/08/2016  Problem with layout Barcode button solved EasyWin Fixed  
16.08.342 08/08/2016  From now, you select to printing documents all taxes include in Menu-> Tools-> Parameters-> Miscellaneaous 2-> OP1, FT1 or All docs...->Boolean->PrintDocTTC EasyWin New  
16.08.341 01/08/2016  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
16.07.340 08/07/2016  From now the button paid show also the invoices where you have a deposit and you forget to input the type of payment EasyWin New  
16.07.339 01/07/2016  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
16.06.338 20/06/2016  Update for Windows 10 EasyWin New  
16.06.337 01/06/2016  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
16.04.333 15/04/2016  New fucntion to search and clear the bills with the structured communications. EasyWin New  
16.04.332 07/04/2016  New fucntion, see FAQ 37) NOTE1 Load all your fields from your database (products or customers) into documents packages EasyWin New  
16.04.331 01/04/2016  New fucntion, see FAQ 37) Additional Fields: variables to load from products into documents packages EasyWin New  
16.04.331 01/04/2016  Fix Run-time error 484 error when application calls ShowPrinter method in Windows 10 EasyWin Fixed  
16.03.330 04/03/2016  Problem with netusers error solved EasyWin Fixed  
16.03.329 01/03/2016  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
16.02.329 23/02/2016  Problem with getversion for Windows 10 solved EasyWin Fixed  
16.02.328 18/02/2016  Problem with barcode licences solved EasyWin Fixed  
16.02.327 15/02/2016  New input control in Backorders (not input a delivered quantity bigger than quantity ordered) EasyWin New  
16.02.326 09/02/2016  From now EasyForYou support PNG pictures EasyWin New  
16.02.325 02/02/2016  New function GroupQuanWhenScan work now with the LASER scanner - Wireless 2.4GHz EasyWin New  
16.01.324 22/01/2016  New fucntion, see FAQ 37) Additional Fields: variables to load from customers into documents packages EasyWin New  
16.01.323 21/01/2016  Problem to show more than 32.000 documents solved. EasyWin Fixed  
16.01.322 19/01/2016  New XML file for the carpass module EasyWin New  
16.01.321 11/01/2016  New function to check the network setup (Check shortcut on the desktop) EasyWin New  
16.01.320 08/01/2016  New filter "Only purchases" in product management->history button EasyWin New  
16.01.319 06/01/2016  Error generating catalog solved EasyWin Fixed  
16.01.318 04/01/2016  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
15.12.317 21/12/2015  New module for Garage car management (EFYCAR) EasyWin New  
15.12.316 01/12/2015  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
15.11.315 19/11/2015  Network overflow error solved for demo version EasyWin Fixed  
15.11.314 04/11/2015  This version increase the speed EasyWin New  
15.11.313 01/11/2015  From nom you can translate yourself some words in the database AAA=Old text BBB=your translation Add a line in the ALL.ini file with GettextAAA=BBB and save. EasyWin New  
15.10.312 21/10/2015  Problem with update total turnover solved EasyWin Fixed  
15.10.311 05/10/2015  Problem with Paid Tickets in Cash register solved EasyWin Fixed  
15.10.310 01/10/2015  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
15.09.309 28/09/2015  Decimal Problem in cash register solved EasyWin Fixed  
15.09.308 09/09/2015  Problem with reorganisation solved EasyWin Fixed  
15.09.307 04/09/2015  Now compatible with Wireless 2.4Ghz Barcode Scanner EasyWin New  
15.09.306 01/09/2015  New. Can send more than one PDF email Input the differents emails in Files->Customers->Email with semicolum as separator EasyWin New  
15.08.305 27/08/2015  New parameter for All.ini RoundP1=0:15:-99:16:50:-49:51:99:99 To round the prices vat include EasyWin New  
15.08.303 19/08/2015  When printing a PDF, open the folder with the PDF file EasyWin New  
15.08.302 03/08/2015  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
15.07.300 20/07/2015  New parameters send documents by email in Menu-> Tools-> Parameters-> Miscellaneaous 2-> OP1, FT1 or All docs...-> Others->FileForAttachmentDoc (file.pdf) EasyWin New  
15.07.299 01/07/2015  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
15.06.298 22/06/2015  New field for cpt8000.txt Insert the date of the document before the customer key Syntax: DATE,dd/mm/yyyy EasyWin New  
15.06.297 04/06/2015  Problem to send invoice reminder by email solved. EasyWin Fixed  
15.06.296 02/06/2015  Invoicing quantity by meters EasyWin New  
15.06.295 01/06/2015  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
15.05.294 07/05/2015  Some problems when sending PDF documents by email solved EasyWin Fixed  
15.05.293 04/05/2015  Some problems when sending documents by email solved EasyWin Fixed  
15.05.292 02/05/2015  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
15.04.291 28/04/2015  Size of the customer management adapted EasyWin Fixed  
15.04.290 27/04/2015  New variable in all.ini SetMarginsForTicketsML to set the left margins for the tickets EasyWin New  
15.04.288 03/04/2015  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
15.04.286 01/04/2015  Update EFYPDF module beta test to send all your invoices vith PDF attachments EasyWin Fixed  
15.03.285 27/03/2015  New EFYPDF module beta test to send all your invoices vith PDF attachments EasyWin New  
15.03.284 18/03/2015  Problem for second date delay solved for France. EasyWin Fixed  
15.03.283 10/03/2015  From now, include export to Sage 30 accounting EasyWin New  
15.03.282 09/03/2015  Problem when copy old reference in new document solved. EasyWin New  
15.03.281 02/03/2015  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
15.02.280 26/02/2015  Update for Winbooks accounting EasyWin New  
15.02.279 24/02/2015  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
15.02.278 17/02/2015  Resize from the product form regarding small low resolution screen EasyWin New  
15.02.277 02/02/2015  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
15.01.276 14/01/2015  Problem to seach products with the code 3 solved for the scanner. EasyWin Fixed  
15.01.275 09/01/2015  Bether security level for the reset functions in reorg.txt EasyWin New  
15.01.274 07/01/2015  New online reset for the Netuser over error 4575 EasyWin New  
15.01.273 05/01/2015  Problem with c:\temp folder solved EasyWin Fixed  
15.01.272 02/01/2015  Problem with structured communication 2015 solved EasyWin Fixed  
15.01.271 01/01/2015  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
14.12.270 22/12/2014  New button (checkbox) to change the name of the order to "order proposal" in the order management. EasyWin New  
14.12.269 12/12/2014  New VAT for Luxembourg 8% - 14% and 17% (update the software the 01-01-2015 or later to activate the new VAT percentage) EasyWin New  
14.12.268 11/12/2014  From Now EasyForYou is compatibel with PdfCreator.Net EasyWin New  
14.12.267 09/12/2014  New parameter to print the interline in color. Menu-> Tools-> Parameters-> Miscellaneaous 2-> OP1 or FT1 or All docs...-> Others-> BgLineColor EasyWin New  
14.12.266 08/12/2014  From now compatible with Internet Explorer 11 EasyWin New  
14.12.265 01/12/2014  New parameter when add a product take the supplier default vat. Put GetDefaultVATFromSupplier=Y in all.ini EasyWin New  
14.11.264 26/11/2014  New parameter to start easywin.exe AUTOCHECKDOCTOSENDBYPDF Start Easyforyou and send all open invoices by PDF EasyWin New  
14.11.263 06/11/2014  New parameter to import serial numbers with 2d scanner. Menu->Tools->Parameters->Miscellaneaous 2->ALL->Others2->AttribWithSerial=18-18 EasyWin New  
14.11.262 01/11/2014  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
14.10.261 30/10/2014  Problem with 100% discount in the kit solved EasyWin Fixed  
14.10.260 27/10/2014  Problem with sub total price by category in foreign currencies solved EasyWin Fixed  
14.10.259 21/10/2014  New text on the feed from the invoice "Total Exl.VAT" EasyWin New  
14.10.258 20/10/2014  New parameter to Print M² on the colum quantity. Menu->Tools->Parameters->Miscellaneaous 2->OP1->Boolean->PrintM²InColumQuant EasyWin New  
14.10.257 01/10/2014  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
14.09.256 19/09/2014  New parameter to Print unit price on documents All tax includes. Menu->Tools->Parameters->Miscellaneaous 2->OP1->Boolean->PrintUnitPriceTTC EasyWin New  
14.09.255 11/09/2014  New : serial numbers datamatrix EasyWin New  
14.09.254 01/09/2014  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
14.08.253 20/08/2014  New fiel Menu->Tools->Parameters->Miscellaneaous 2->ALL->Boolean->SetDiffPrir When change the purchase price, add te difference between pruchase and cost to the cost price EasyWin New  
14.08.252 19/08/2014  Problem with multiple selections in the product browser solved EasyWin Fixed  
14.07.251 29/07/2014  From this version, in the import-export Excel, you can select Customers OR suppliers EasyWin New  
14.07.250 16/07/2014  Internal update in the licence agreement EasyWin New  
14.07.249 09/07/2014  New functionality in import products from excel. Check the FAQ 28 EasyWin New  
14.07.248 03/07/2014  New possibility to copy and paste customers EasyWin New  
14.07.247 01/07/2014  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
14.06.246 18/06/2014  Problem to hide the VAT on the feed documents solved. EasyWin Fixed  
14.06.245 16/06/2014  Problem to hide the VAT column solved. EasyWin Fixed  
14.06.244 10/06/2014  Reset the open and closed buttons and go to the FT1 tab when selecting the mtools->Graphics. EasyWin New  
14.06.243 05/06/2014  New fields selection Tools->Turnover Graphics for Months to months EasyWin New  
14.06.243 05/06/2014  New Menu->Tools->Parameters->Miscellaneaous 2->Others 2->DefFieldsForAddFieldsCustomer (Default fields for the additional field when you add a new customer) EasyWin New  
14.06.243 05/06/2014  New Menu->Tools->Parameters->Miscellaneaous 2->Others 2->DefFieldsForAddFieldsProduct (Default fields for the additional field when you add a new Product) EasyWin New  
14.06.242 02/06/2014  New payement discount field in the customer management. EasyWin New  
14.05.241 28/05/2014  Problem to calculate the price by M2 in the invoices solved. EasyWin Fixed  
14.05.240 23/05/2014  Problem in export the movements in the field weigth solved EasyWin Fixed  
14.05.239 22/05/2014  Problem to edit a text in a document solved EasyWin Fixed  
14.05.238 21/05/2014  Problem to calculate the price by Kg in the purchases invoice solved. EasyWin Fixed  
14.05.237 18/05/2014  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
14.05.236 06/05/2014  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
14.05.235 01/05/2014  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
14.04.234 22/04/2014  If you do NOT want to print the logo with pre-printed logo on your documents, then click menu Check Tools->Parameters->Misc 2->(click the document you want, FT1, TIC...)->DoNotPrintLogo In this case, the logo stay on the PDF and the e-mails. EasyWin New  
14.04.233 21/04/2014  Round the total to pay at XX cents Setteings in Menu->Tools->Parameters->Miscellaneaous 2->DOCUMENT TYPE->Others->RoundAmountForCents= 5 (5 for rounding to 5 cents) EasyWin New  
14.04.232 18/04/2014  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
14.04.231 08/04/2014  Some very old version can not update to version 14, now solved. EasyWin New  
14.04.230 03/04/2014  New Tools->Reorganisation Check the weigth from the products in the documents. EasyWin Fixed  
14.04.229 02/04/2014  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
14.03.228 14/03/2014  Problem when insert or delete lines in documents solved EasyWin Fixed  
14.03.227 07/03/2014  New Tools->Export Module to generate CODA files EasyWin New  
14.03.226 01/03/2014  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
14.02.225 21/02/2014  Problem for locality searching in customer management solved. EasyWin Fixed  
14.02.224 19/02/2014  New : From now withe the rigth click on the search button from the documents customers or suppliers, you can search a document with onli a part of the beginning of the serial number. EasyWin New  
14.02.223 18/02/2014  Problem in the list->Product->Inventory with the flag "visible on pricelist" solved EasyWin Fixed  
14.02.222 17/02/2014  fix the problem in the browser in some cases when searching customers or suppliers EasyWin Fixed  
14.02.221 14/02/2014  fix the problem in the browser in some cases when searching products EasyWin Fixed  
14.02.220 11/02/2014  Simplification of the encoding customers EasyWin New  
14.02.219 03/02/2014  Problem with Catalog generator solved EasyWin Fixed  
14.02.218 02/02/2014  New variable in menu Parameters to specify a text before the price when printing documents (TextForUnitPrice) EasyWin New  
14.02.217 01/02/2014  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
14.01.216 30/01/2014  Product REG was not present in the list movements. EasyWin Fixed  
14.01.215 29/01/2014  Some problems in customer and supliers browser solved EasyWin Fixed  
14.01.213 28/01/2014  New field in File->Products->sales products with price per weight EasyWin New  
14.01.214 28/01/2014  Do NOT print labels anymore when printing PDF documents. EasyWin Fixed  
14.01.212 23/01/2014  Hotfix in search browser for shorcuts EasyWin Fixed  
14.01.211 22/01/2014  New Module EFYPDF-Monthly sending by e-mail invoices (PDF) Select tab Invoices, then Click Menu->List->Documents->E-Mail->PDF -> click OK EasyWin New  
14.01.210 17/01/2014  Hotfix transfer accounting EBP EasyWin Fixed  
14.01.209 15/01/2014  New auto-scrolling like in Google to search your customers (or suppliers) from the document managemnt. Ativate in menu Tools->Parameters->Miscellaneous2->All->Boolean->AutoScrollCustomers EasyWin New  
14.01.208 14/01/2014  New : In Menu->list Documents and movements, from this version, when you print, the list, the title include your selections EasyWin New  
14.01.207 13/01/2014  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
14.01.206 09/01/2014  New filter as a checkbox to select customers or suppliers in the search browser EasyWin New  
14.01.205 08/01/2014  New button in search browser customers an suppliers to print and to export result to excel EasyWin New  
14.01.204 07/01/2014  Field-check problem in File-Products-VAT code solved EasyWin Fixed  
14.01.203 03/01/2014  New module for CARPASS.BE (EFYCARPASS) EasyWin New  
14.1.201 01/01/2014  New field in customer management for VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) EasyWin New  
14.1.202 01/01/2014  New VAT 20% for FRANCE 2014 automatically activated EasyWin New  
13.12.200 31/12/2013  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
13.12.961 30/12/2013  Problem when copiing document with transaction solved. EasyWin Fixed  
13.12.960 13/12/2013  Print the quantity by M² (square meters) in the documents. (Press F1 on the quantity field to adjust the square meters M²) EasyWin New  
13.12.959 11/12/2013  New VAT 20% for FRANCE 2014 EasyWin New  
13.12.958 02/12/2013  Problem to export inventory to Excel solved EasyWin Fixed  
13.11.958 28/11/2013  Problem with Backorder solved EasyWin Fixed  
13.11.957 27/11/2013  New Menu List->Products new possibility for adding additioaal field (customer data) when you export to excel.Tools->Parameters->Micellaneous 2->All->Others 2->ExportFieldsArtToXls EasyWin New  
13.11.957 25/11/2013  Problem Run time error 13 in Export Excel solved Problem with first letter when editing text solved EasyWin Fixed  
13.11.956 14/11/2013  New variable in advanced parameters GetNumberOfPackages to manually select the number of packages printed on a document. EasyWin New  
13.11.956 12/11/2013  New: In the Import - export Excel possibility to export or import with prices all tax includes EasyWin New  
13.11.956 12/11/2013  New barcode size in catalog EasyWin New  
13.11.956 12/11/2013  New column Price VAT Incl. In Product browser EasyWin New  
13.11.957 11/11/2013  Error 4585 solved EasyWin Fixed  
13.11.955 01/11/2013  New VAT modification for Europe 2014 EasyWin New  
13.10.954 21/10/2013  From now compatible with IE 11 EasyWin New  
13.10.954 10/10/2013  Problem solved in the Spanish version when printing Invoices. EasyWin New  
13.10.953 01/10/2013  New currency : sudanese pound EasyWin New  
13.10.953 01/10/2013  New VAT for Italy updated to 22% EasyWin New  
13.10.953 01/10/2013  In the search results, the Price is now formated regarding the Printformat from the currency. EasyWin New  
13.09.952 24/09/2013  Problem with Barcode button to print barcodes in menu List->Customers and suppliers solved EasyWin Fixed  
13.09.952 02/09/2013  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
13.08.950 05/08/2013  New colums Delivered availaible when printing documents in Tools->Parameters->Micellaneous 2->All->Others 2->LayoutBO EasyWin New  
13.08.949 01/08/2013  Caption problem in file->Documents solved for checkbox invoice reminder. EasyWin Fixed  
13.07.948 08/07/2013  Problem with touchregister in spanish language solved. EasyWin Fixed  
13.07.947 01/07/2013  New fields available on the print label (Price from 1 to 5 include VAT or Not) EasyWin New  
13.06.946 26/06/2013  New field to export the EAN13 code in the movement list to Excel Parameter for the all.ini ExportFieldsMvtToXls=CLE2.EAN13 Extra software SetEAN13.exe needed EasyWin New  
13.06.945 25/06/2013  Problem with FileExist function solved. EasyWin Fixed  
13.06.944 01/06/2013  Problem with List -> export catalog solved EasyWin New  
13.04.943 24/04/2013  New Menu List->Movements new possibility for adding additioaal field (customer data) when you export to excel.Tools->Parameters->Micellaneous 2->All->Others 2->ExportFieldsMvtToXls EasyWin New  
13.04.942 18/04/2013  Selection with VAT percentages solved in menu List documents EasyWin Fixed  
13.04.941 16/04/2013  In Menu Tools->Parameters->Micellaneous 2->All->Boolean->WithSerialGetPriceInPurchase When you sale a serial number to retrive the real purchase price in the purchase document. EasyWin New  
13.04.940 13/04/2013  In Menu Tools->Parameters->Micellaneous->DOC->Boolean->DoNotPrintTheLogo. You can check this box to not print the logo for some documents. EasyWin New  
13.04.940 12/04/2013  Problem with very small prices less than 0.01 EUR in products purchase prices is solved EasyWin Fixed  
13.03.939 27/03/2013  New additional field in menu File->categories EasyWin New  
13.03.938 25/03/2013  Problem with total BASE VAT 0% solved. EasyWin Fixed  
13.03.937 15/03/2013  Some problems with the default printer selection solved. EasyWin Fixed  
13.03.936 13/03/2013  New check for updates in networks (prevent other users to start the software) EasyWin New  
13.03.935 11/03/2013  Problem with install (easywin.mdb) in a new version solved EasyWin Fixed  
13.03.934 05/03/2013  New possibilities to sort the list by customer or document number order in menu List->Documents and in menu List->Debtor listing EasyWin New  
13.03.933 04/03/2013  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
13.02.932 21/02/2013  Problem in with some date format in delivery note solved. EasyWin Fixed  
13.02.931 07/02/2013  Set Windows auto-size for larges screen. EasyWin New  
13.02.930 06/02/2013  Problem of copying a document to another solved. EasyWin Fixed  
13.02.929 05/02/2013  New field in menu File->Documents settings->Select FT1->Delivery Date. To check if you like to manage and print a delivery Date on the invoices. EasyWin New  
13.02.928 04/02/2013  New Invoicing Rules 2013 in European Union Directive 2010/45/EU (In particular, print now delivery date on invoice) EasyWin New  
13.02.928 01/02/2013  When export a file , easyforyou open the explorer to show the exported file. EasyWin New  
13.01.928 01/02/2013  Some problem when shift-f2 to import scanned products with barcodes ean13 solved EasyWin Fixed  
13.01.927 30/01/2013  Some problems with Export to SAFT XML files solved EasyWin Fixed  
13.01.926 24/01/2013  New field NoReminderInNameDoc in menu Tools->Parameters->Misc.2>All->Boolean EasyWin New  
13.01.925 23/01/2013  Adapted to the new Invoicing Rules 2013 in European Union (Directive 2010/45/EU) EasyWin New  
13.01.924 15/01/2013  New wizard when setup Windows to select Only stock-management of full version with documents. EasyWin New  
13.01.923 10/01/2013  Problem with list documents (colum VAT.Incl.) solved EasyWin Fixed  
13.01.922 07/01/2013  Problem with list documents (sorting order) solved EasyWin Fixed  
13.01.921 04/01/2013  Problem with Achives and updates solved EasyWin Fixed  
13.01.920 03/01/2013  New VAT (IVA) for Comlubia, Panama and Costa Rica EasyWin New  
13.01.919 01/01/2013  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
12.12.917 20/12/2012  New buttons in toolbar EasyWin New  
12.12.916 19/12/2012  problem with discount % solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.12.915 14/12/2012  New VAT percentage for 2013 in Canada set to 9.975 % EasyWin New  
12.12.915 14/12/2012  Problem with the page break when printing pictures solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.12.914 11/12/2012  When printing pdf, if the numer of copies is more than one, then print only one PDF EasyWin Fixed  
12.12.913 03/12/2012  Print automatically the inventory at the begin of the New Year EasyWin New  
12.11.912 28/11/2012  The debtors listing now works with multiple payment EasyWin New  
12.11.911 21/11/2012  Problem with blocking documents when printing solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.11.910 20/11/2012  New functionality in menu Edit to change document number. EasyWin New  
12.11.909 16/11/2012  New simplified BASE VAT format in bottom of the printed invoices. EasyWin New  
12.11.908 15/11/2012  Change the VAT from 2 to 3 and 5 to 7% for Canaries EasyWin New  
12.11.908 14/11/2012  Problem with Ticket (notes) not bloqued when printing solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.11.907 07/11/2012  Problem with cursor in attributions and special taxes solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.11.906 06/11/2012  problem in Debtors listing solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.11.906 01/11/2012  New menu Edit->CURSOR to manage the cursor movements EasyWin New  
12.10.905 25/10/2012  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
12.10.904 24/10/2012  Problem with cursor "godown" in some case in grid document solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.10.903 19/10/2012  Automation for the network printer names. (In the settings, for a network printer, take only the name before the parenthesis) EasyWin Fixed  
12.10.903 18/10/2012  Little problem with the zip code when adding a customer from another country solved. EasyWin Fixed  
12.10.902 15/10/2012  Export the data from the Cash register to excel (after preview) EasyWin New  
12.10.902 10/10/2012  Le language-code for Spain is modified from SP to ES EasyWin New  
12.10.901 02/10/2012  Problem with deposit in some invoice solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.10.900 01/10/2012  New VAT 21% for Netherlands (automatic update from 19% to 21% the first October 2012 EasyWin New  
12.09.899 26/09/2012  New tool-tip-text with help for module EFYCHANGEREF New variable Toos-Parameters->miscelinious 2 : WhenAddProductGoRigth (focus go to the right when you add a product in a document) EasyWin New  
12.09.898 20/09/2012  problem with some users not present in login list solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.09.897 18/09/2012  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
12.09.896 10/09/2012  Problem with customer Key2 solved in Export accounting to ExpertM EasyWin Fixed  
12.09.896 07/09/2012  New variable MultiplyWithPackaging to show the packaging near the quantity when printing a document available in menu->Tools->Parameters->Miscellaneous 2->ALL->Boolean->MultiplyWithPackaging EasyWin New  
12.09.896 07/09/2012  New variable GroupLines when printing a document to group the products together with the same KEY at l the left of the (MYKEY-XX) minus sign and having the same price in menu->Tools->Parameters->Miscellaneous 2->Type->Boolean->GroupLines EasyWin New  
12.09.895 03/09/2012  Check for UAC removed for windows 7 and 7. Ding sound removed when press enter key. EasyWin New  
12.09.894 01/09/2012  New VAT for SPAIN 5,2% 11,4% 10% 21% EasyWin New  
12.08.893 14/08/2012  Problem with document date in the cash report solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.08.892 07/08/2012  Problem with decreased prices by quantity solved. EasyWin Fixed  
12.08.891 01/08/2012  From this version is EasyForYou compatible Windows 8 and internet explorer 10 EasyWin New  
12.07.890 01/07/2012  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
12.06.889 20/06/2012  Problem with deposit in invoice paid by cash solved. EasyWin Fixed  
12.06.888 14/06/2012  Problem to refresh purchase price in composed products in menu File-Products solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.06.887 11/06/2012  Problem with deposit in invoice paid by cash solved. EasyWin Fixed  
12.06.886 06/06/2012  New field in menu Tools->Parameters->Miscellaneaous 2->OP1,BC1...->Boolean->Printlocation to print the location instead the product code. EasyWin New  
12.06.885 01/06/2012  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
12.05.884 25/05/2012  Problem with list inventory solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.05.883 18/05/2012  Problem with currency (PEN) in Peru solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.05.882 09/05/2012  Problem with line spacing in multi-page (more than 2 pages) documents solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.05.881 03/05/2012  Problem with printing Paid Ticket A4 size solved. EasyWin Fixed  
12.05.880 01/05/2012  New variable NbrCopyDoc=X (X is the default number of copies for a document in BC1.ini, FTA.ini...) EasyWin New  
12.04.879 26/04/2012  Problem with quantity selection in menu List->Listing barcodes. EasyWin Fixed  
12.04.878 18/04/2012  Problem with deleted documents in (REG) cashregister solved. EasyWin Fixed  
12.04.877 17/04/2012  Update for XSD Schemas (XML) for intervat Customer VAtLinsting EasyWin New  
12.04.876 12/04/2012  New VAT ID control button for online VIES-chek in menu file->Customers & suppliers EasyWin New  
12.04.875 02/04/2012  Problem in cash register for paiment from a order copied to a suplier order EasyWin Fixed  
12.04.874 01/04/2012  New text on the food of the Credit Notes "Amount in your favor" EasyWin New  
12.03.873 28/03/2012  Problem with comments lines in Import with Shift-F2 solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.03.872 14/03/2012  Problem With Menu Tools->Calculate...Graphic. Calculation of new customers. EasyWin Fixed  
12.03.871 06/03/2012  problem with printing debtor listing solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.03.870 01/03/2012  problem with cash deposits in (REG) cashregister solved EasyWin Fixed  
20.02.868 17/02/2012  Solved :Button Cancel printing work not EasyWin Fixed  
12.02.867 15/02/2012  Problem for PDF printer selection solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.02.866 10/02/2012  New button to add a Structured communications in the payments ref. EasyWin New  
12.02.865 09/02/2012  problem with change background color when delete a record solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.02.864 07/02/2012  change background color when delete a record EasyWin New  
12.02.863 04/02/2012  managing multiple payments on invoices EasyWin New  
12.02.862 01/02/2012  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
12.01.861 15/01/2012  Printing Reminder with serial numbers solved EasyWin Fixed  
12.01.860 05/01/2012  New Splash screen 2012 New VAT for France from 5.5% to 7% EasyWin New  
12.01.859 01/01/2012  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
11.12.858 21/12/2011  New variables DocformatNR in the all.ini to change the date format in the documents check in EasyWin New  
11.12.857 14/12/2011  Problem with access to the menu File->Documents settings solved EasyWin Fixed  
11.12.856 08/12/2011  From now you can select different sorting method for the lines in the back-order tab in menu File->Parameters Settings->BO1 or BO2 EasyWin New  
11.12.855 01/12/2011  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
11.11.854 14/11/2011  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
11.11.853 14/11/2011  Problem with fields in the menu File->Users to allow (or not) the rights to use menu File EasyWin Fixed  
11.11.852 03/11/2011  new fields in the menu File->Users to allow (or not) the rights to add and delete products, customers and suppliers EasyWin New  
11.10.851 28/10/2011  New edit function in menu File->Document Settings->Text on the food doc. EasyWin New  
11.10.850 24/10/2011  Problem with printing serial numbers solved EasyWin Fixed  
11.10.849 10/10/2011  Problem with document locking in the network solved EasyWin Fixed  
11.10.848 06/10/2011  Check the validity of a VAT number on the WEB Menu File->Customer->Click the button on the right side of the field VAT ID. Do first the setup in the FAQ 38 EasyWin New  
11.10.847 05/10/2011  From now in the Touchregister you can have products with different taxes values like REG6, REG12, REG 21 EasyWin New  
11.10.846 04/10/2011  From now, when import documents from your e-commerce, you can put the type of payment. EasyWin New  
11.09.845 14/09/2011  For Ini files OP1.ini, FT1.ini ... PrintTwoUnitPrices=Y When printing a document, replace the price with Price level1 + customer price (gross prices and net prices) EasyWin New  
11.09.845 14/09/2011  For Ini files OP1.ini, FT1.ini ... TextColPrice=Special text When printing a document, in the layout, you can replace the original text "Price" with your specific text. EasyWin New  
11.09.844 13/09/2011  From now you can read the serial numbers from the products with the HT580 And Printing Date2 (expiration date) EasyWin New  
11.09.843 08/09/2011  New layout options for Angola EasyWin New  
11.09.842 07/09/2011  Problem to select products with a serial number from documents is solved. EasyWin Fixed  
11.09.841 05/09/2011  Check FAQ 27: When getting the product ESC (discount % if payd before X days), do not change the total documents on the food (put the text in the body of document instead of putting the text on the foot) EasyWin New  
11.09.840 02/09/2011  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
11.08.839 24/08/2011  Problem with message "User is already locked" solved EasyWin Fixed  
11.08.838 22/08/2011  New in touch register, you get the different sub total vat on the ticket feed. EasyWin New  
11.08.838 22/08/2011  New in touch register, you can select a miscellaneous product and input the price. EasyWin New  
11.08.837 10/08/2011  Problem for multi users solved EasyWin Fixed  
11.08.836 03/08/2011  Problem when EFY stop each time you work with easylabel is solved EasyWin Fixed  
11.08.835 01/08/2011  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
11.07.834 15/07/2011  New country VAT code for Canary Islands (IGIC) EasyWin New  
11.07.833 06/07/2011  New field Barcode Supplier available on the labels. EasyWin New  
11.06.832 28/06/2011  New field Location available on the labels. EasyWin New  
11.06.831 20/06/2011  New possibility to get a quote from menu tools->Online price list EasyWin New  
11.06.830 09/06/2011  New label format A4 7x3 in EasyLabel.exe EasyWin New  
11.06.829 01/06/2011  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
11.05.828 16/05/2011  From Now you can input decimal quantities in the touchregister EasyWin New  
11.05.827 12/05/2011  New menu when Right-click on Mail Button EasyWin New  
11.05.826 01/05/2011  In search form for customer, new selection check box for only positive turnover EasyWin New  
11.04.825 26/04/2011  New function to calculate yourself the price of the update in Tools menu EasyWin New  
11.04.824 21/04/2011  SetPaidButton=ON (or OFF) Set Payment button in menu selection from the lists and groupdoc. New variables for ALL.ini (see FAQ 27) SetNotPaidButton=ON (or OFF) Set Payment button in menu selection from the lists and groupdoc. EasyWin New  
11.04.823 11/04/2011  Problem when copy ECOTAX from a backorder to the delivery note solved EasyWin Fixed  
11.04.822 05/04/2011  Improvement for printing to PDF files EasyWin New  
11.04.821 04/04/2011  New variable in the ini files : DontPrintCode=Y Do not print the product code on the documents (used in BC1.ini, FTA.ini...) . EasyWin New  
11.04.820 01/04/2011  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
11.03.819 24/03/2011  New possibility for the HT580 Unitech From now print a barcode label from menu File->Documents Settings to select Input or Output. EasyWin New  
11.03.818 21/03/2011  From Now, when printing, you can sort the products by Localisations or Product code 2 or 3 By using XXX.ini file description on FAQ #27 EasyWin New  
11.03.817 16/03/2011  New variable in EasyLabel to print the first line from a document (ex. customer order number) to the labels. Also : New vat code 18% for Peru EasyWin New  
11.03.816 01/03/2011  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
11.02.815 22/02/2011  New possibility to print the location in menu File->Documents Settings EasyWin New  
11.02.815 22/02/2011  Problem to print the sub-Totals VAT 0% solved in the cash register EasyWin Fixed  
11.02.814 17/02/2011  Problem with EasyWinDDEClient.exe (sync EFYESHOP) solved EasyWin Fixed  
11.02.813 16/02/2011  NEW, When you input a document, on the field quantity, press F1. So you can convert weight, length, area, volume to quantity EasyWin New  
11.02.812 15/02/2011  From now you can start EasyforYou with the Windows Sheduller to create your automation to check the orders comming from another e-commerce in the folder /import. Syntax : "C:\.....\easywin.exe" SHIFT-F2 EasyWin New  
11.02.811 08/02/2011  Problem in the (copy to) ledger selection in Tools->Groupdoc solved EasyWin Fixed  
11.02.810 04/02/2011  Wrong Checkbox visible in Files->Documents parameters deleted. EasyWin Fixed  
11.02.809 02/02/2011  New field in menu File->Users->No access to the Purchase price. EasyWin New  
11.02.808 01/02/2011  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
11.01.808 27/01/2011  Problem with auto-invoice reminder generator solved EasyWin Fixed  
11.01.807 25/01/2011  Problem with Message "Key Enter" solved EasyWin Fixed  
11.01.806 24/01/2011  Problem to print deposit and discount together solved. EasyWin Fixed  
11.01.805 20/01/2011  Special Kit for second hand cars (to test with the CAR product) EasyWin New  
11.01.804 17/01/2011  From Now Export and import the Bank account numbers in the Tools->Import-Export Excel customers-en.xls (also for the suppliers) EasyWin Fixed  
11.01.803 13/01/2011  New field -> Location in menu File->Products. EasyWin New  
11.01.802 11/01/2011  New possibility to show the available stock quantities in the documents. Menu File->Documents settings->Stock (or Weight) New possibility in menu Tools->Regroup documents->Only positive stock quantities. EasyWin New  
11.01.801 10/01/2011  Correction for barcode reading. EasyWin Fixed  
11.01.800 03/01/2011  New field Reference 3 in print labels EasyWin New  
10.12.799 24/12/2010  New Value Added Taxes (VAT) for United Kingdom 20% Switzerland 8% Liechtenstein 8% Portugal 23% Slovakia 20% Latbia 22% Polland 23% EasyWin New  
10.12.798 22/12/2010  When sending a document by e-mail, the document number was visible two times in the subjet. EasyWin Fixed  
10.12.797 16/12/2010  New - After selectiting and printing a document, the cursor come back to the same document. EasyWin New  
10.12.796 15/12/2010  Problem with printing deposits in the documents solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.12.795 13/12/2010  New selection il menu->Tools->Movements and list products, from now you can select "Not included" for a keyword in the additional field EasyWin New  
10.12.794 09/12/2010  Problem with printer orientation (report larger than paper size) solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.12.793 07/12/2010  New software ExportCSV.exe to export csv files containing the products fields information's to synchronise external e-commerces EasyWin New  
10.12.792 01/12/2010  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
10.11.791 24/11/2010  New for Portugal. When printing the first invoice, print the word ORIGINAL near invoice, after, print DUPLICADO near invoice. EasyWin New  
10.11.790 23/11/2010  New checkbox button menu Files->Documents settings->Payment (to show or not show the payment buttons in the File->Document form EasyWin New  
10.11.789 22/11/2010  Problem with Tools->Export Access files solved. EasyWin Fixed  
10.11.788 16/11/2010  New size and colors automatically prompted in thumbs.htm Now you can use the following variables in the Thumbs to show automatically the available sizes and colours ([TxtDispo] [Sizes] [AllSizes] [Colors] [AllColors]) E-Shop New  
10.11.787 15/11/2010  New buttons with blue LED status EasyWin New  
10.11.786 10/11/2010  Improve the speed for printing. EasyWin New  
10.11.785 09/11/2010  New possibility to export the List->Pr. and Catalog without any prices. EasyWin New  
10.11.784 04/11/2010  Problem with menu File->Document settings->Recover the deleted document number solved. EasyWin Fixed  
10.11.783 02/11/2010  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
10.10.782 27/10/2010  NEW layout with new buttons. In Menu List->Cash-register, new sub-totals grouped by VAT percentage. EasyWin New  
10.10.781 26/10/2010  Ability to print invoices without details. See menu File-> Customers See menu File-> Documents settings EasyWin New  
10.10.780 20/10/2010  Print Intrastat code from product form into export documents (Check Faq #27 and set PrintIntrastat=Y in ini file) EasyWin New  
10.10.779 14/10/2010  New buttons styles EasyWin New  
10.10.779 14/10/2010  Correction problem select movements with keywords in products additional fields EasyWin Fixed  
10.10.778 12/10/2010  Help Files to print PDF documents in Help->Menu File->Print EasyWin New  
10.10.777 07/10/2010  Problem with transations SQL solved (when copy some documents to another). (see ini file in the faq and set transactions to N in all.ini) EasyWin Fixed  
10.10.776 01/10/2010  Autosize the logo of your company when importing in menu File->Company EasyWin New  
10.09.774 15/09/2010  The files *.ini, *.inc, *.txt are now included in the daily backups. For coutry CG, Congo Brazzaville the 5% C.A taxes is now included. EasyWin New  
10.09.773 09/09/2010  A lot of new fields available in the printing labels software EasyWin New  
10.09.772 01/09/2010  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
10.08.771 28/08/2010  New print labels in A4 format (3x8 - 24 labers format paper) EasyWin New  
10.08.770 02/08/2010  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
10.07.769 26/07/2010  Problem with EFYKIT (Insert Kit) solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.07.768 07/07/2010  New VAT (iva) 8% and 18% for Spain EasyWin New  
10.07.767 05/07/2010  New VAT (iva) 21% for Portugal EasyWin New  
10.07.766 01/07/2010  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
10.06.765 28/06/2010  Problem for export accounting to Winbooks solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.06.764 10/06/2010  New XML format for the VAT Listing (Belgium Intervat). EasyWin New  
10.06.763 03/06/2010  New Skin in menu File->Skin (Black) EasyWin New  
10.06.762 01/06/2010  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
10.05.761 27/05/2010  Ability to print the usage statistics of the demo version EasyWin New  
10.05.760 19/05/2010  Problem with thousand separator solved for Africa EasyWin Fixed  
10.05.759 06/05/2010  EasyForYou Start faster and new button to print barcode labels from the menu Files->Products EasyWin New  
10.05.758 05/05/2010  Overflow problem for the big databases Solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.05.757 01/05/2010  From now compatible with Windows Live Mail EasyWin New  
10.04.755 23/04/2010  New - Full Synchronization between e-commerce and EasyForYou (Customers - Products - Categories - Ledgers) E-Shop New  
10.04.755 20/04/2010  - New field in menu File->Products->CODE 3. Possibility to print this CODE 3 in menu File->Ledgers->Print Code 3 - New Variable for ini files TakeUserLanguageToPrint=Y (check the FAQ #27) EasyWin New  
10.04.754 13/04/2010  Problem with printing address without logo solved + More speed to manage more than 40.000 products EasyWin New  
10.04.753 12/04/2010  New TPS + TPQ taxes labels for Canada EasyWin New  
10.04.752 12/04/2010  Problem with Export to Access in menu Tools solved. EasyWin Fixed  
10.03.751 31/03/2010  SAFT (SAFT-PT - Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes - Versão portuguesa) export to XML implementation ready and free alvalaible from Evolution version. EasyWin New  
10.03.750 25/03/2010  New security check. From this version, you can no more copy a order to a delivery note if you have already deliver a part of the quantity with the back-order tab. EasyWin New  
10.03.749 19/03/2010  New possibility to change the layout of your documents in menu File->Company EasyWin New  
10.03.748 16/03/2010  Problem with other countries currencies in the suplier orders solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.03.747 15/03/2010  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
10.03.745 09/03/2010  Sync with opticon scanner possible with customer barcodes EasyWin New  
10.03.744 08/03/2010  From this version , you can update easyforyou from a workstation. EasyWin New  
10.03.743 03/03/2010  problem with import unexacting products references in text files with Shift-F2 solved EasyWin New  
10.03.742 02/03/2010  From now in the document payment management, you have a date picker. EasyWin New  
10.03.741 01/03/2010  problem with Backorders tabs solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.02.740 25/02/2010  Internal update for CD-KEY and English date format problems. EasyWin New  
10.02.739 22/02/2010  New variable in the Customer/supplier additional fields : /GTB: text/ -> Get this text back when adding a new document (Exemple: chassis number of cars - garage). EasyWin New  
10.02.738 21/02/2010  The EasyUpdate.exe setup include now the language options. EasyWin New  
10.02.737 18/02/2010  From now, In menu File->Company, you can set the top margin for the customer adress. EasyWin New  
10.02.736 17/02/2010  Printing problem with the module EFYEXPRESS solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.02.735 17/02/2010  Synchronisation problem with e-commerce solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.02.733 16/02/2010  New search filter in products browser to order by ascending prices. EasyWin New  
10.02.734 16/02/2010  Synchronisation problem with e-commerce solved E-Shop Fixed  
10.02.732 11/02/2010  From this version , you can update easyforyou from a workstation. EasyWin New  
10.02.731 10/02/2010  From now in the menu List->Document and list->Movement, you have a date picker. EasyWin New  
10.02.730 09/02/2010  New menu Tools-Export to Excel, from this version possibility to filter the exported data to excel regarding the documents (open-closed-paid-non paid) EasyWin New  
10.02.729 03/02/2010  problem with binocular to search a products in a document solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.02.728 02/02/2010  From now in the document management, you have a date picker. EasyWin New  
10.02.726 01/02/2010  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
10.02.727 01/02/2010  problem with thousand separator solved for Ghana EasyWin Fixed  
10.01.724 20/01/2010  Problem whith printing "PAID" in coulor on the paid document solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.01.723 19/01/2010  Problem to copy a order to a supplier order solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.01.722 18/01/2010  Problem when adding a customer solved EasyWin Fixed  
10.01.721 14/01/2010  When adding a product in REG tab for the direct cash sales, calculate the price VAT include EasyWin New  
10.01.720 14/01/2010  Problem solved When modify the VAT include prices in the menu File->Produts EasyWin Fixed  
10.01.719 12/01/2010  Problem 4171 for printing document TIC (ticket) solved EasyWin New  
10.01.717 06/01/2010  Problem with type payment when you print a big amount invoices together in menu List->Documents->Print solved. EasyWin Fixed  
10.01.716 01/01/2010  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.12.715 30/12/2009  Problem with button "Purchases" in menu file->Documents solved. EasyWin Fixed  
9.12.713 29/12/2009  New button "cancel" in menu Edit->Payment EasyWin New  
9.12.712 28/12/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.12.709 21/12/2009  New encryption for code e-commerce E-Shop New  
9.12.708 15/12/2009  New fields (delivery adress) available in the import export Excel EasyWin New  
9.12.707 08/12/2009  Problem with calculate the cost-price from composed products solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.12.706 02/12/2009  New fields "Unused" and "Visible" available in import-export excel products EasyWin New  
9.12.705 01/12/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.11.704 30/11/2009  Problem with Calculate the money back when printing withj cash register solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.11.703 25/11/2009  New possibility for a variable in ALL.INI : ProductsMarginsfixed = Y (If Yes, in File->Products the recalculation of the 5 sales prices appends in the event of a change in costprice regarding the 5 Margins) EasyWin New  
9.11.703 25/11/2009  New menu Tools->Import-Export Excel->Categories EasyWin New  
9.11.702 23/11/2009  update for specific programming for customer EasyWin New  
9.11.701 20/11/2009  New module (BETA-TEST version) Cash register for touchscreen in menu Tools is now ready for Printing. TouchRegister New  
9.11.700 13/11/2009  From now, In menu File->Company, you can set the top margin from the document (when printing without logo). EasyWin New  
9.11.699 10/11/2009  From now, EasyForYou make automatically a backup before archiving. EasyWin New  
9.11.698 04/11/2009  New selection in the advanced search to select only the products with positive stock quantities EasyWin New  
9.11.697 02/11/2009  from this version easyforyou can re-calculate the total amount from a document regarding a discount. EasyWin New  
9.10.695 29/10/2009  The decimal quantity in the reorganisation solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.10.694 28/10/2009  New module (BETA-TEST version) Cash register for touchscreen in menu Tools TouchRegister New  
9.10.693 27/10/2009  Problem with printing EAN13 when the software works in demo mode solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.10.692 23/10/2009  Problem with special offers prices calculation solved. menu Tools->Parameters-Products. EasyWin Fixed  
9.10.691 22/10/2009  New 5 decimals available in currencies management. EasyWin New  
9.10.690 19/10/2009  From now all the Stock quantities are full duplex synchronised with your shared hosting in the e-commerce package E-Shop E-Shop New  
9.10.689 15/10/2009  From now all the data (orders, products, categories, ...) are full duplex synchronised with your shared hosting in the e-commerce package E-Shop E-Shop New  
9.10.688 12/10/2009  In menu Files->Documents, from now, the columns for the customer, turnover, balance, descriptions, amounts is wider EasyWin New  
9.10.687 06/10/2009  New possibility to print the Lot number in the EasyLabel software EasyWin New  
9.10.686 05/10/2009  Some problem with the balance of customer when you click to see the "no paid" invoices is solved. EasyWin Fixed  
9.10.685 02/10/2009  problem with documents lines soved when you change the product code for a product linked to ECOTAX or cautions EasyWin Fixed  
9.10.684 01/10/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.09.683 28/09/2009  New parapeter in menu File->Ledgers to print the line number on the document. EasyWin New  
9.09.682 24/09/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.09.681 22/09/2009  Probleme solved in menu File->Products->Category in the fiel category code, when you select a category with a wildcard. EasyWin Fixed  
9.09.680 17/09/2009  In menu File->Ledgers problem with the recovering the document numbers where total = 0 in network solved. EasyWin Fixed  
9.09.679 15/09/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.09.678 14/09/2009  From now in the menu Tools->Reorganisation, EasyForYou check and manage the doubles document numbers. EasyWin Fixed  
9.09.677 10/09/2009  From now, With Easyforyou in menu File->company, When you import a logo, Easyforyou resize automatically the size from your jpg. EasyWin New  
9.09.676 08/09/2009  From now, With Easyforyou from menu File->Products->Pictures, you can automatically generate a small thumbs picture for the e-commerce. (setup the nThumbsWidthSize variable in E-Shop New  
9.09.675 07/09/2009  From now, With Easyforyou in menu File->Products->Pictures, you can automatically resize your pictures.jpg to a specific pixels size (very useful for the E-commerce). EasyWin New  
9.09.674 01/09/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.08.673 25/08/2009  Update for then customer zip code alignement in the layout EasyWin Fixed  
9.08.672 24/08/2009  New possibility to work with face value/commission Instead Weigth/Discount. Check the FAQ -> Inin files EasyWin New  
9.08.671 24/08/2009  Problem with printing labels in menu List->Listing Barcodes Solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.08.670 18/08/2009  Problem with price Incl.VAT solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.08.669 17/08/2009  Problem with label size in easylabel.exe solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.07.667 27/07/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.07.664 22/07/2009  From now in the menu List->print labels barcodes you can put your Logo and (or) your pictures. EasyWin New  
9.07.665 22/07/2009  Problem with deposit in invoices solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.07.663 01/07/2009  Problem with the invoice reminder solved and dates format for China EasyWin Fixed  
9.06.662 29/06/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.06.661 26/06/2009  Problem on Vista to move into the grid with the TAB key solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.06.659 23/06/2009  New menu List->Print Labels (barcodes) From now you can change the design from your barcode labels. EasyWin New  
9.06.660 23/06/2009  New parameter in menu File->Company to print your invoice with a blank logo. EasyWin New  
9.06.658 22/06/2009  Internet Explorer 8, printing Error res://ieframe.dll/preview.js solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.06.657 11/06/2009  Account Export to EBP accounting FRANCE EasyWin New  
9.06.656 10/06/2009  New parameter in initvar.ini bNotCalcOrderSup=true = Do not calculate the open suppliers orders quantities in the stock quantities showed on the shop E-Shop New  
9.06.656 03/06/2009  Problem with importing composed products from external data solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.06.655 02/06/2009  Account Export to EBP accounting BELGIUM EasyWin New  
9.06.654 01/06/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.05.653 26/05/2009  Problem with position from selection screen in the list with some double screens solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.05.652 19/05/2009  New parameter in all.ini file PutUserInRefPayment=Y to Adding automatically the vendor code in the payment reference when encoding the type of payment in a document EasyWin New  
9.05.651 18/05/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.05.650 07/05/2009  The problem to calculate the first month in the Montly Graph is now solved in menu -> Calculate Margin/Turnover Graph EasyWin Fixed  
9.05.649 06/05/2009  New in menu Tools->ExportProducts. From this version the Packages and the packaged products are also Exported/Imported. EasyWin New  
9.05.648 01/05/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.04.647 23/04/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.04.646 22/04/2009  Include a shortcut to the teamviewer EasyWin New  
9.04.645 20/04/2009  New import for accounting EBP (beta-test) EasyWin New  
9.04.644 17/04/2009  From now, when you open a history windows with the movements, when you click on the document number, this document is showed in the document management. EasyWin New  
9.04.643 14/04/2009  From this version you can copy a (customer) Bid OP1 to a (supplier) Price request OP3 EasyWin New  
9.04.642 01/04/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.03.641 30/03/2009  New layout in the menu -> List->Catalog (to generate your MS Access Catalog.mdb) EasyWin New  
9.03.640 23/03/2009  From now the calculate and sets off alarms if the amount of the credit-terms are exceeded work also for the supplier orders and invoices. EasyWin New  
9.03.639 19/03/2009  From now EasyForYou is compatible with PDFCreator PrimoPDF, so you can print and automatically attach and send a PDF file in Outlook Express. EasyWin New  
9.03.638 19/03/2009  In the e-commerce, after you order a product with size and color, when you click the Back button from your explorer, there was a error message. from now, this is solved. E-Shop Fixed  
9.03.638 16/03/2009  Problem with the selection to printing barcode is now solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.03.637 11/03/2009  From now the Export to Excel is availaible in the Listing VAT Listing Intracom VAT Declaration EasyWin New  
9.03.636 09/03/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.03.635 09/03/2009  New animations in the tutorial from the demo version EasyWin New  
9.03.634 06/03/2009  Internal update for product code EasyWin New  
9.03.633 05/03/2009  Problem with menu List->Print barcodes solved. EasyWin Fixed  
9.03.632 04/03/2009  New VatList regarding the new rules EasyWin New  
9.03.632 04/03/2009  Problem with selection filter Supplier in menu List->Barcode solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.03.631 01/03/2009  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
9.02.630 19/02/2009  Problem with language solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.02.629 18/02/2009  Problem with the focus in the search field customer from the windows document solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.02.628 17/02/2009  new layout (some text modifications) EasyWin New  
9.02.627 16/02/2009  Problem with calculation of the customer Balance solved. EasyWin Fixed  
9.02.626 11/02/2009  From now when you create a order including a deposit amount, after when you move a quantity from the Back-Order TAB to another document, the entire deposit move to the new document. EasyWin Fixed  
9.02.625 09/02/2009  From now, in EFY->File->Customers->you can adding a parameter ‘/FAC:SPECIFIC-CUSTOMER’ in the additional field to regroup different customers (address) in the same specific customer with the menu Tools->Regroup documents. EasyWin New  
9.02.625 09/02/2009  From now, in EFY->File->Customers->you can adding a parameter ‘/POP:your text’ in the additional field. This text is showed in a message box when you add a document for the customer. (check the ini files to activate this function in the FAQ->27 - FR) EasyWin New  
9.02.624 05/02/2009  New version from Export to POPSY accounting EasyWin New  
9.02.623 04/02/2009  New with EFYBARCODE, (refer to cpt8000-readme.doc) When with SHIFT-F2 you import a list of scanned products, if you select RESETSTOCK as supplier, the stock is first reset to zero in the inventory EasyWin New  
9.01.622 28/01/2009  The customer code in a EAN13 on the documents is now smaller. EasyWin New  
9.01.620 20/01/2009  New : Print the customer code in a EAN13 barcode on the documents Print the Document number in a EAN13 barcode on the documents Check the helmp->Menu->FAQ #27 EasyWin New  
9.01.621 20/01/2009  Problem to calculate margin in the menu File products solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.01.619 16/01/2009  Problem with encoding the payment obligatory before printing solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.01.618 15/01/2009  Problem to calculate margin with very small amounts (example 0.1510 EUR with margin 50%) in the menu File products solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.01.618 14/01/2009  You can also illustrate your categories with a HTML file, exactly like for the products in description chapter 6. 2) E-Shop New  
9.01.617 09/01/2009  Problem with Discount in Eco-Tax products solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.01.616 08/01/2009  Problem with TAB key when edit fields in the document management solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.01.615 06/01/2009  Problem with products advanced search solved EasyWin Fixed  
9.01.614 01/01/2009  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.12.613 30/12/2008  New possibility to select the period by the export account for Bob Software EasyWin New  
8.12.612 18/12/2008  New Client-Server system to increase the network speed for researching the products -> Only to use in case of more than 10.000 products. EasyWin New  
8.12.610 11/12/2008  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.12.609 11/12/2008  Automatically Increase the network speed EasyWin New  
8.12.608 09/12/2008  Increase the network speed (check how to setup the all.ini in the FAQ # 27 EasyWin New  
8.12.607 08/12/2008  Problem with the number of document copies in the windows printer dialog solved EasyWin Fixed  
8.12.606 03/12/2008  Problem to copy NEV to TIC documents solved EasyWin Fixed  
8.12.605 01/12/2008  New check for decimal separator EasyWin New  
8.12.604 01/12/2008  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.11.603 24/11/2008  Problem with login solved EasyWin Fixed  
8.11.602 20/11/2008  New easywin.exe with better performances. EasyWin New  
8.11.601 12/11/2008  Check if the mail address is encoded in your company form. EasyWin New  
8.11.600 04/11/2008  From now, the name of a package can be a product CODE, in this case the package is automatically loaded.(This function can be used for creating long descriptions for the products) EasyWin New  
8.11.599 01/11/2008  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.11.598 01/11/2008  From now, EasyForYou is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 EasyWin New  
8.10.597 29/10/2008  From now, you can no more copy from the TAB BC1 to another TAB if you have already deliver a part or the total quantity in the tab Back-Order. EasyWin Fixed  
8.10.594 21/10/2008  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.10.596 21/10/2008  problem to import the scanned files with Shift-F2 solved. EasyWin Fixed  
8.10.595 21/10/2008  Problem when for searching serial numbers or lot solved. EasyWin Fixed  
8.10.593 17/10/2008  When printing a document not detailed, possibility to print the weight and parcels. Menu File->Legers->Pinting parcels and weight EasyWin New  
8.10.592 16/10/2008  New export module for POPSY accounting. EasyWin New  
8.10.591 14/10/2008  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.10.590 13/10/2008  Update export system for e-commerce data EasyWin Fixed  
8.10.589 07/10/2008  Problem when printing your invoice in another language than the default language solved EasyWin Fixed  
8.10.588 01/10/2008  New automatic FTP upload and download for the orders , and new customers (download) and pictures, thumbs and products (upload) to the e-commerce E-Shop New  
8.09.587 23/09/2008  Problem solved (access the purchases) in the users rights management. EasyWin Fixed  
8.09.586 17/09/2008  When exporting data to Excel, for a multi-user version, the current user was no more visible EasyWin New  
8.09.585 15/09/2008  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.09.584 12/09/2008  Update for transfer to Popsy-exchange accounting EasyWin New  
8.09.583 05/09/2008  New error management for a better feed-back to customer is case of problems EasyWin New  
8.09.582 04/09/2008  correction in the menu Files-Users->Files->Prohibited ledgers EasyWin Fixed  
8.09.581 01/09/2008  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.09.580 01/09/2008  From now in the E-Commerce check from the validity of the VAT code for Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Denmark and Italy. E-Shop New  
8.09.579 01/09/2008  New multiple selection possibly with the CTRL key in the advanced search form for products. EasyWin New  
8.08.579 29/08/2008  from now in the E-Commerce, new button with type of payment "Cheque" in the initvar.ini E-Shop New  
8.08.578 26/08/2008  The type of payment "In case of sale" is no more calculated in the register. EasyWin Fixed  
8.08.577 22/08/2008  New Loacality field in the advanced research for the customers. EasyWin New  
8.08.576 18/08/2008  New type of payment added E: "In case of sale" EasyWin New  
8.08.575 13/08/2008  From now, you will have the full details as remark from all the origin document numbers in the destination document when using Tools->Regroup documents. EasyWin New  
8.08.574 11/08/2008  Decimal problem with quantities in packages solved EasyWin Fixed  
8.08.573 01/08/2008  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.07.572 30/07/2008  Problem to export Menu->List->Price-List and Catalog solved EasyWin Fixed  
8.07.571 28/07/2008  Problem with amounts (TEST) for printing small tickets solved. EasyWin New  
8.07.570 24/07/2008  2 New added fields in customer form for Algeria RC number and Art number. EasyWin New  
8.07.569 23/07/2008  Correction for EAN13 barcode generator EasyWin Fixed  
8.07.568 22/07/2008  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.07.567 17/07/2008  New module for Products attributions management in back-order supplier (EFYSATTRIB) EasyWin New  
8.07.566 16/07/2008  In document management, problem with refresh button solved EasyWin Fixed  
8.07.565 15/07/2008  New VAT code 20% for Portugal EasyWin New  
8.07.564 01/07/2008  Corrections in the menu List->Movements->Purchases. EasyWin Fixed  
8.06.563 26/06/2008  For the network version, from now, easyforyou retains in memory the last username. To next starting it returns automatically to the last username EasyWin New  
8.06.562 16/06/2008  Problem with file->Ledger->Printing parcels solved. EasyWin Fixed  
8.06.561 11/06/2008  problem solved to print disable the printing of the total in the ledger backorder. Also solved for the small round-off in the VAT inclusive amounts. EasyWin Fixed  
8.06.560 09/06/2008  Corrections in the menu List->VAT declaration EasyWin Fixed  
8.06.559 06/06/2008  New possibility to manage the guarantees for the consigned products. Instructions available in the FAQ number 27 EasyWin New  
8.06.559 06/06/2008  Problem solved to print large reports in landscape with EasyWin Fixed  
8.06.558 03/06/2008  Regarding the customer balance, after deleting a invoice, the balance is updated immediately. EasyWin New  
8.06.557 02/06/2008  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.05.556 29/05/2008  New functionality to check automatically all the VAT codes in menu Tools->reorganisation EasyWin New  
8.05.555 27/05/2008  In Menu File->Document, when you input a new customer, the problem is solved whe you want to create a new counterpart or ledger account. EasyWin Fixed  
8.05.554 20/05/2008  New selection possibility for a group by category instead products or customers in the list movements. EasyWin New  
8.05.554 20/05/2008  Correction from a problem in the menu Tools->Adaptation of the price of the products EasyWin Fixed  
8.05.553 19/05/2008  Corrections in the menu List->VAT declaration EasyWin Fixed  
8.05.552 15/05/2008  New system for the menu->List->VAT declaration in File->General Accounts EasyWin New  
8.05.551 09/05/2008  Increase the speed access in the backorder tab EasyWin New  
8.05.550 08/05/2008  Corrections in the menu List->VAT declaration EasyWin Fixed  
8.05.549 05/05/2008  problem to print barcodes labels without price solved EasyWin Fixed  
8.05.548 01/05/2008  In menu File->Ledgers->New parameter to Print the document sorted by reference. EasyWin New  
8.05.548 01/05/2008  New possibility to regroup the graph by Quarter, Month, week and days, in menu Tools->Calculate Margin/Turnover - Graph. EasyWin New  
8.04.547 29/04/2008  From now in Menu List->... In the preview, the reports are scaled on the screen size. EasyWin New  
8.04.546 24/04/2008  The field discount is no more displayed in a supplier form (in a customer form as well) EasyWin Fixed  
8.04.545 17/04/2008  From now possibility to select prices including Ecotaxes in the menu->List-Price-List EasyWin New  
8.04.544 14/04/2008  Test Read and write to the temp path and database before starting Easyforyou. EasyWin New  
8.04.543 14/04/2008  Adding the values 86 (intracom purchases) and 87 (imports) in the menu File->Vat Codes->VAT decalration EasyWin New  
8.04.542 10/04/2008  New possibility in the field File-Customer->VAT ID: if you put the code NA or NP, you can write a specific text in place of the VAT number. EasyWin New  
8.04.541 10/04/2008  Update for export to Octopus accounting EasyWin Fixed  
8.04.540 06/04/2008  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.03.538 19/03/2008  Problem when using barcode labels and printing a lot of documents in menu List->Documents->Printing the selected documents EasyWin Fixed  
8.03.537 18/03/2008  The menu List->Bill Book include now the Credit Notes documents. EasyWin New  
8.03.536 14/03/2008  Correction from title description in menu List->Products->To Order EasyWin Fixed  
8.03.535 12/03/2008  Problem with the menu from the E-Commerce in the Morzilla Firefox navigator solved. E-Shop Fixed  
8.03.535 10/03/2008  Problem with VAT 0% in currency management solved. EasyWin Fixed  
8.03.534 06/03/2008  Problem with discounts less than 1% solved. EasyWin Fixed  
8.03.533 04/03/2008  Better performance to calculate the balance and turnover. EasyWin New  
8.03.532 01/03/2008  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
8.02.530 27/02/2008  Regarding resizin documents : New Menu->Tools-Parameters->Others->Authorize the redimensioning of the grid documents EasyWin New  
8.02.529 26/02/2008  Problem with VAT control for Danemark solved. EasyWin Fixed  
8.02.528 22/02/2008  New setup for Windows Vista EasyWin New  
8.02.527 21/02/2008  New parameter for Dealer ID. Integrate the dealer ID in the link when you mail a document. EasyWin New  
8.02.526 20/02/2008  Beter speed when startup, validate a document and a payment. EasyWin New  
8.02.525 14/02/2008  From now you can phone call your customers strait by skype from the customer management. EasyWin New  
8.02.524 13/02/2008  No more ECOTAX calculated when you create and invoice for export. EasyWin New  
8.02.524 13/02/2008  Problem with VAT control for Luxemburg solved. EasyWin Fixed  
8.02.523 11/02/2008  When printing a document with a PAID deposit and a PAID balance, the balanced amount is printed in the left corner of the document. EasyWin New  
8.02.522 01/02/2008  File->Customers, new check digit to verify VAT numbers from NL,LU,PT countries (already included for FR,BE,IT,DK. EasyWin New  
8.01.521 29/01/2008  Problem when copying a BC1 to a NEV solved. EasyWin Fixed  
8.01.520 28/01/2008  In some cases, it was possible to copy a document to another. But is was not logical. From now this part is securised. EasyWin Fixed  
8.01.519 23/01/2008  Better performance to save the documents in network version EasyWin New  
8.01.519 23/01/2008  Problem to generate a serial numbers sequence is solved for numbers beginning or containing character zero EasyWin Fixed  
8.01.518 18/01/2008  Problem when copying a OP3 to a BC2 solved. EasyWin Fixed  
8.01.517 18/01/2008  Regarding the currency management, the problem is solved when you create a document in another currency than the default currency and try to change the rate. EasyWin Fixed  
8.01.516 17/01/2008  Verify the VAT code from the country at first install from the software EasyWin New  
8.01.515 15/01/2008  New selection for the currency in menu File->Customers->Currencies according the VAT code EasyWin New  
8.01.514 14/01/2008  New VAT code 18% added for Senegal. EasyWin New  
8.01.513 11/01/2008  Problem with the ordered stock quantities, when you copy a customer order (BC1) to supplier order (BC2) is solved EasyWin Fixed  
8.01.512 08/01/2008  From now, when you import data from a portable terminal barcode laser scanner inside EasyForYou, you can automatically regroup the product quantities. Check the file cpt8000-readme.doc EasyWin New  
8.01.511 07/01/2008  New in menu Tools->Adaptation of the price of the products. New availaible selections : 1) Increase or decrease your price 2) Update your margins 3) Multiply the cost prices by a coeficient EasyWin New  
8.01.510 31/12/2007  Tools->Menu Adaptation of the prices of the products, possibility to automatic update the various margins regarding the cost prices. EasyWin New  
7.12.509 26/12/2007  New selection possibilities in menu List->Price-list and catalog, from now, you can select only positive stock quantities EasyWin New  
7.12.508 26/12/2007  Problem with the form feed in the menu List->Barcodes is solved EasyWin Fixed  
7.12.507 20/12/2007  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
7.12.506 13/12/2007  Export to Excel work not if you are not at the end of the demo. From now it is solved. EasyWin Fixed  
7.12.505 10/12/2007  Some problems are solved when you work with the product search engine and EAN secondary references EasyWin New  
7.12.504 03/12/2007  New paypent type availaible : on receipt EasyWin New  
7.11.503 27/11/2007  Problem solved with the message on the bottom of a PAID invoice when the invoice is paid and the deposit is also paid EasyWin Fixed  
7.11.502 23/11/2007  New advanced search function to search all the serials movements for a specific product. EasyWin New  
7.11.501 20/11/2007  New control for the paper size = a4 in the reports from the menu list. EasyWin New  
7.11.500 16/11/2007  From now VAT 16% for Spain included EasyWin New  
7.11.498 14/11/2007  Possibility to setup the decimals for the format from the unit price in File->Currency EasyWin New  
7.11.499 14/11/2007  Problem with VAT calculation solved EasyWin Fixed  
7.11.497 13/11/2007  EasyForYou include now a authenticode signature EasyWin New  
7.11.496 08/11/2007  Improvements in the layout for the recall invoices. EasyWin New  
7.11.495 06/11/2007  Regarding customer Turnover and Balance. From now EasyForYou calculate the Turnover and Balance each time you save a document. EasyWin Fixed  
7.11.494 05/11/2007  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
7.11.493 02/11/2007  Regarding serial numbers: New Menu->Tools-Parameters->Others-> Do NOT copy the serial numbers at the time of the copy of Document to another EasyWin New  
7.11.493 02/11/2007  Translate the description of the products if you copy from your SALES order to PURCHASE order and if the languague of the suplier is different than the language of the customer. EasyWin New  
7.11.493 02/11/2007  Regarding serial numbers: New Menu->Tools-Parameters->Others-> 3) Authorize only the serial numbers which start with a specific letter EasyWin New  
7.11.493 02/11/2007  Regarding serial numbers: New Menu->Tools-Parameters->Others-> 1) No double authorized in the serial numbers 2) No sales possible if the serial number does not exist in the purchases EasyWin New  
7.11.493 02/11/2007  New Menu->Tools-Parameters->Others->Color for the text "PAID" on the paid invoices EasyWin New  
7.10.492 25/10/2007  New menu Import documents from other software in the Tools Menu (import from text files). EasyWin New  
7.10.491 24/10/2007  Thousand separator from menu Tools->Parameters->General work now with US or UK versions. EasyWin Fixed  
7.10.490 23/10/2007  Remote control to carry out a formation or maintenance true the Internet. EasyWin New  
7.10.489 19/10/2007  New possibility in the menu List->Barcodes, from now you can select and print a description and (or) price on the barcodes labels. EasyWin New  
7.10.489 19/10/2007  Problem solved when you impute serial numbers or lot numbers, in case the amount of numbers was different than the product quantity. EasyWin Fixed  
7.10.488 17/10/2007  Cancel button and demo time left informations in menu Help->About EasyWin New  
7.10.487 11/10/2007  New: Barcodes available in your Menu->List->Customers or suppliers EasyWin New  
7.10.486 09/10/2007  From now, when you input a purchase, EFY give you a message when the amount of serial numbers is different than the product quantity. EasyWin New  
7.10.484 07/10/2007  From now, in menu Help->About, you can check the days left for the demo period EasyWin New  
7.10.485 07/10/2007  Problem solved to calculate the sales prices when then cost prices was 0 EasyWin Fixed  
7.10.483 02/10/2007  From now, you can delete the text on the bottom of a document without EFYDATA (File->Ledgers) EasyWin New  
7.10.482 01/10/2007  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
7.09.480 25/09/2007  New parameter to import from excel regarding the quantity. When inthe excel sheet, the value in the column quantity is set to NO, in EasyForYou the field "Update Stock ?" is NOT checked. EasyWin New  
7.09.481 25/09/2007  For European countries. When you fill-in the State field from the customer form, if you print a document, the address order is Zip, City and state (instead Zip State and City for USA) EasyWin Fixed  
7.09.479 18/09/2007  EasyForYOu include now the Portuguese prices EasyWin New  
7.09.478 05/09/2007  From now, search the serial numbers with the product code in the field from the toolbar from the document management form. EasyWin New  
7.09.477 01/09/2007  In the E-Shop, possibility to give a increased discount according the total amount. Check C.12 in the setup-ecommerce (FAQ 21) E-Shop New  
7.09.477 01/09/2007  In the e-shop, new delivery type PCC (check bPayByCard-> E-Shop New  
7.09.477 01/09/2007  In the e-shop, new delivery type COD (check bPayByCOD-> E-Shop New  
7.09.477 01/09/2007  In the e-shop, possibility for the curtomer to add a remark in the order (check nGetRemark-> E-Shop New  
7.08.476 28/08/2007  When a customer forget a password, the e-commerce send a mail with the password. E-Shop New  
7.08.476 22/08/2007  New text regarding the total due on the documents for the invoices. EasyWin New  
7.08.475 21/08/2007  New selection possibility for a group by customer instead products in the list movements. EasyWin New  
7.08.475 21/08/2007  New selection in menu File->Ledger->Do not print the VAT amounts on the documents. EasyWin New  
7.08.474 13/08/2007  In menu File->Users->File, the password is only visible by the loged user. EasyWin New  
7.08.473 01/08/2007  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
7.07.472 25/07/2007  From now if you create a new product with code ST. Each time you insert this product in a document, Easyforyou will calculate a subtotal. EasyWin New  
7.07.471 12/07/2007  Export for accounting to Winbook © avaible. EasyWin New  
7.07.470 11/07/2007  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
7.07.469 09/07/2007  New version for the ImportExcel.exe function. EasyWin Fixed  
7.07.468 05/07/2007  Problem with the cash register at startup solved. EasyWin Fixed  
7.07.467 03/07/2007  New language available : Português EasyWin New  
7.07.466 02/07/2007  New functionalities in menu Tools->Calculate margin -> Graphics EasyWin New  
7.06.465 21/06/2007  Problem with Tab key and search button solved into the document details management. EasyWin Fixed  
7.06.464 20/06/2007  In the menu File->Products, if you put a negative value in the inventory field "Optimal", this product is no more listed in the menu List->Products->To Order EasyWin New  
7.06.463 18/06/2007  The menu Tools->Import from Excel for your customer list calculate automatically the default values for country, vat codes, currency EasyWin New  
7.06.462 18/06/2007  In Document Management, Shift-F7 Print and set the payment to Teledata
-To set another default payment type for Shift-F7, check the FAQ #27.
-Use the "REG" customer to set the default payment type when printing tickets by [F7]
EasyWin New  
7.06.461 15/06/2007  Tab key work now into the document details management. EasyWin New  
7.06.460 13/06/2007  New layout in Menu List->tarif & Catalog EasyWin New  
7.06.459 12/06/2007  New, in menu List->Customers, possibility to sort your list by turnover or balance. EasyWin New  
7.06.458 08/06/2007  Problem with the country code before the foreing zip code solved. EasyWin Fixed  
7.06.457 07/06/2007  New field to count and (or) print the total numbers of lines in a document -> check the FAQ #27. The total lines is visible in the field TOTAL margin as a tooltiptext (bottom right). EasyWin New  
7.06.456 04/06/2007  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
7.05.455 30/05/2007  New Export module to excel (EFYIMPEXPEXCEL) EasyWin New  
7.05.455 30/05/2007  Listing Intracom updated for layout 2007 EasyWin New  
7.05.455 30/05/2007  Run time error 6 - Overflow solved when printing very long documents. EasyWin Fixed  
7.05.454 23/05/2007  When printing a recall invoice, the product ESC or DIS (discount) was printed. EasyWin New  
7.05.453 14/05/2007  In the documents, the "printing discount" problem is solved. In some specific cases, the variable with the discount was not erased from the memory of easyforyou. EasyWin Fixed  
7.05.452 10/05/2007  In menu File->Users->Files, two new fields. The first to authorise or not to accede to the purchases button and the second to restrict the access to some ledgers EasyWin New  
7.05.451 07/05/2007  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
7.05.450 03/05/2007  The adding problem is solved in menu Files->Categories->Decreasing prices->Category discount. EasyWin Fixed  
7.05.449 01/05/2007  Size and colors system for the e-commerce E-Shop New  
7.04.448 19/04/2007  From now possibility to automatically include a link for Paypal payments in your orders or invoices. To activate, check the menu File->Ledgers (type documents) and the FAQ # 27 (ini files to setup your login Paypal) EasyWin New  
7.04.447 17/04/2007  New menu->List->Price-List and CATALOG to export your products to a access file catalog.mdb (open source design) that include your products pictures (you need Ms Access and module EFYPRODIMPEXP + EFYIMGDOC if you like to print your pictures). EasyWin New  
7.04.446 13/04/2007  Correction in the German text. EasyWin Fixed  
7.04.445 11/04/2007  New menu Listing Intracom (Betatest 2) EasyWin New  
7.04.444 10/04/2007  New menu Listing Intracom (Betatest 1) EasyWin New  
7.04.443 04/04/2007  New menu Tools->Backup by email (attach and zip the database in your outlouk express, ready to send to your favorite distant email server like hotmail, google or yahoo...) EasyWin New  
7.04.443 04/04/2007  New button menu File->Products and Customers to edit the additional field EasyWin New  
7.03.442 28/03/2007  Text and languages corrections EasyWin Fixed  
7.03.441 22/03/2007  This version include the help menu to import customers or products data from Excel sheets. EasyWin New  
7.03.440 21/03/2007  New accounting export module for Kluwer Expert/M Plus EasyWin New  
7.03.439 20/03/2007  New module (EFYIMPEXPEXCEL) to import products, customers or suppliers from your Excel sheets. (next week also export) EasyWin New  
7.03.438 12/03/2007  This version include a screen size check. EasyWin New  
7.03.437 09/03/2007  In File->Products, new possibility for the additionnal field regardig the e-commerce. Please Check the Help, in the FAQ #21 -> Section C.5 EasyWin New  
7.03.436 06/03/2007  New VAT code for Germany 19% added. EasyWin New  
7.03.435 01/03/2007  New field in menu Tools->Parameters->Customers->Soc.Security number to activate this same field in the File->Customer form and printing on the invoices. EasyWin New  
7.02.434 27/02/2007  Compatibility problem in version 433 solved for Windows Vista. EasyWin New  
7.02.433 14/02/2007  The focus problem is solved : when you encode a new product (or edit a old), starting from a old document, the focus come back to the same doc at the good line. EasyWin Fixed  
7.02.432 13/02/2007  From now, the interest for the invoice reminder is calculated by year. EasyWin Fixed  
7.02.431 09/02/2007  New function to avoid the multiple instance of easyforyou (in a single user environment) EasyWin New  
7.02.430 08/02/2007  New Field in menu Tools->Parameters->Products->Print the price by weight on the documents EasyWin New  
7.02.429 07/02/2007  New layout for the invoice without logo. EasyWin New  
7.02.427 01/02/2007  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
7.02.428 01/02/2007  New menu -> Tools->Export for E-commerce. This create a lite and compressed MDB file for a fast upload for your e-commerce (Only needed in case of shared hosting with your e-commerce). EasyWin New  
7.01.426 29/01/2007  Because of the new IE7, The total from the Ticket was not printed. With version 426 this problem is solved. EasyWin Fixed  
7.01.425 25/01/2007  The size of the most fields from the menu File->Company are increased to 250 char. EasyWin New  
7.01.425 25/01/2007  New selection in the cash-register to list only the cash movements in the report. EasyWin New  
7.01.424 24/01/2007  New paragraph in the help-menu->File->Document-> regarding your tab Cash-Register and list->Payment EasyWin New  
7.01.424 24/01/2007  With IE7 when printing documents problem with the font size is solved. EasyWin Fixed  
7.01.423 18/01/2007  Problem solved to regroup documents by date2 in Tools menu EasyWin Fixed  
7.01.422 15/01/2007  From Easyforyou, now manage the transport cost with the menu File->Categories (cat. TRAxxx) for your e-commerce (e-shop). EasyWin New  
7.01.421 11/01/2007  Problem solved to calculate the prices for products linked to categories using decreasing prices. EasyWin Fixed  
7.01.420 09/01/2007  Update for network printers management regarding Windows XP. EasyWin New  
7.01.419 05/01/2007  New parameter in intvar.ini to manage the Number of products showed in a page (nPageSize) E-Shop New  
7.01.419 02/01/2007  New field in menu Tools->Parameters->Printing->Margin address customer (for switzerland). EasyWin New  
7.01.418 01/01/2007  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
6.12.417 20/12/2006  In the e-Commerce, from now, you have the possibilities to show small pictures (thumbs folder) and big pictures (images folder) E-Shop New  
6.12.417 20/12/2006  New menu Files->Skin EasyWin New  
6.12.416 01/12/2006  In the e-Commerce, from now, you have the possibilities to show pictures according the categories. E-Shop New  
6.12.416 01/12/2006  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
6.11.415 29/11/2006  New menu File->Users->Language. More speed for printing or sending your documents by e-mail EasyWin New  
6.11.414 28/11/2006  Problem solved in the ESC and DIS (discount) products when using long text. EasyWin Fixed  
6.11.413 22/11/2006  New menu File->Users->Language. More speed for printing or sending your documents by e-mail EasyWin New  
6.11.412 17/11/2006  Problem solved when printing the total balance in a invoice including a deposit. EasyWin Fixed  
6.11.411 15/11/2006  Problem solved in the day and month sum from the cash register (module EFYREG). EasyWin Fixed  
6.11.410 10/11/2006  From now, in the e-commerce, the new customer receive a welcome mail to confirm is login and password. E-Shop New  
6.11.410 10/11/2006  Problem solved when printing automatically recall invoices at morning startup. EasyWin Fixed  
6.11.409 09/11/2006  Problem solved with the English date format mm/dd/yyyy for the cash register EasyWin Fixed  
6.11.408 06/11/2006  Problem solved with the English date format mm/dd/yyyy for the updates EasyWin Fixed  
6.11.407 03/11/2006  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
6.11.406 02/11/2006  In menu File->Ledgers->Do not print the VAT or Phone number from a customer on the document. EasyWin New  
6.10.405 30/10/2006  From now, the licence EFYLAYOUT work also with the small ticket. EasyWin New  
6.10.404 25/10/2006  Print discount on the tickets. EasyWin New  
6.10.403 20/10/2006  Problem with 402 EasyWin Fixed  
6.10.402 19/10/2006  From now in frame Products, when searching VAT Code, they are filtered according sales or purchases EasyWin New  
6.10.401 18/10/2006  At first startup from the day, EFY ask by error for the module EFYREG (only click NO). From now, this message does not appear any more. EasyWin Fixed  
6.10.400 17/10/2006  Bether size and visibility for then frame: Cash to return when printing a document payd by cash, checj menu Tools->Parameters->General->Activate the windows... EasyWin New  
6.10.399 13/10/2006  Function key F6 to search products or customers. EasyWin New  
6.10.398 10/10/2006  New menu : List-BarCode to print your CODE39 or EAN13 barcodes. EasyWin New  
6.10.397 10/10/2006  in some cases, the text in documents are not printed. EasyWin Fixed  
6.10.396 05/10/2006  When printing movement list, there was a E_FAIL report in case of negative quantities and sale price = 0. EasyWin Fixed  
6.10.394 02/10/2006  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
6.10.395 02/10/2006  Improve the performance in the network version. EasyWin New  
6.09.393 24/09/2006  From now, the Tickets are available in the historic. EasyWin New  
6.09.392 20/09/2006  Problem solved when printing a Ticket with a line containing a discount from 100% EasyWin Fixed  
6.09.391 19/09/2006  When printing a order with a NOT paid deposit, the text on bottom will be :Deposit to pay EasyWin New  
6.09.390 18/09/2006  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
6.09.389 11/09/2006  When you print a list VAT Declaration (menu List->VAT Declaration) in some case the list was not completly printed, from now it is ok. EasyWin Fixed  
6.09.388 11/09/2006  When you get a package in a document (menu edit->Load package) in some case the package was not completly loaded, from now it is ok. EasyWin Fixed  
6.09.387 01/09/2006  In menu File->Products->TAB-Picture new button to select your pictures (JPG or GIF). Dont forget to setup the size reduction percentage in menu Tools->Parameters->Printing->Reduction for printing images. EasyWin New  
6.08.386 30/08/2006  Internal update for version number EasyWin Fixed  
6.08.385 29/08/2006  In menu Tools->Parameters->Products->Automatic reference from->0, you can replace the zero with a reference like 00001. If you create a new product EFY will create automatically new references starting from 00001 (same for the customers) EasyWin New  
6.08.385 29/08/2006  From now, in the document you can choose the default payment method for your ticket tab in the File->Customer->Search->REG->Payment EasyWin New  
6.08.384 26/08/2006  In the toolbar from the document management, the + button (adding lines) was not active in the cashregister tab EasyWin Fixed  
6.08.383 23/08/2006  New parameters for manage tempory special offers with price levels or discount In menu Tools->Parameters->Products (dont forget to check-on the "Special prices" flag in the File->Products) EasyWin New  
6.08.382 10/08/2006  From this version, if you to send an order by e-mail to your supplier, if your supplier has EasyForYou, it can automatically import this order received by e-mail EasyWin New  
6.08.382 10/08/2006  From now, when you encode a document, you can also typing the secondary reference from a product (you can also put a barcode number in the secondary reference field) EasyWin New  
6.08.381 07/08/2006  Only for Lite version Users: From now, you can (again) editing or modify the descriptions and prices in the orders or invoices. EasyWin Fixed  
6.08.380 01/08/2006  Delivery date on the order forms. EasyWin New  
6.08.379 01/08/2006  In menu Tools->Reorganisation->Recompute your stock, according the packaged products, in some case the stock quantity was negative. EasyWin Fixed  
6.07.378 24/07/2006  New parameter to show (or not) the Shopping Cart in the E-Commerce E-Shop New  
6.07.378 21/07/2006  In the advanced search function the OR & And function was not refreshed when resize the screen EasyWin Fixed  
6.07.377 13/07/2006  Windows Short Date format problem for Canada fixed (yyyy-mm-dd). EasyWin Fixed  
6.07.376 07/07/2006  New parameter in menu Tools->Parameters->General->Sound warning is negative stock EasyWin New  
6.07.375 03/07/2006  In menu File->Document, when editing a description line, the F1 Key add a Time calculation for work. From now, the calculation after midnigth is working fine. EasyWin Fixed  
6.06.374 27/06/2006  When editing a document (menu Edit->Load package, you have a new field : Multiplier for the quantities in your package (module EFYKIT) EasyWin New  
6.06.374 27/06/2006  File->Customers->Special pricing. For example add a new price offer for the present customer with a specific price for a specific product. EasyWin New  
6.06.373 20/06/2006  Correction in the menu Tools->Reorganisation->Recompute your stock quantities according the sales and purchases. EasyWin Fixed  
6.06.372 15/06/2006  From now Double click in the File->Document grid’s are activated for a lot a new functionality’s EasyWin New  
6.06.371 13/06/2006  From now EasyForYou print separate report when you print a document with a lot of serial numbers. EasyWin New  
6.06.370 12/06/2006  When printing an invoice, from now, no more question about the delivery addresse. EasyWin Fixed  
6.06.369 08/06/2006  From now in the E-Commerce, you can manage the shipment cost with the product reference:TRA E-Shop New  
6.06.368 06/06/2006  Version updated to be compatible with the future Internet Explorer 7.xx EasyWin New  
6.05.367 01/06/2006  In menu File->Users->Type, The standard user ave no more right to access the purchases. EasyWin New  
6.05.367 01/06/2006  New menu File->Invoice reminder for printing or e-mail invoice reminders. EasyWin New  
6.05.366 29/05/2006  New listing - BETA TEST - VAT declaration EasyWin New  
6.05.366 29/05/2006  When printing a ticket (small format), the discount was visible when the field Discount was NOT checked. EasyWin Fixed  
6.05.365 22/05/2006  When printing a ticket (small format), the currency symbol can be printed on the left from the amount. The date document will be printed on the ticket. When the discount is equal to zero, the text discount will not appear. EasyWin New  
6.05.364 19/05/2006  New button in menu File->Products to disable the purchase price for a NON adminitrator user. EasyWin New  
6.05.363 17/05/2006  New button (scroll up and down) in the advanced search browser. New lock check for the network users. EasyWin New  
6.05.362 15/05/2006  Freom now then RMA documents are visible in the History, also the RAM quantities are calculated in the reorganisation. EasyWin New  
6.05.361 11/05/2006  From this version, the height from the Browser is sizeable (Browser = search form activated with the search-binocular button) EasyWin New  
6.05.360 09/05/2006  New type of icon and menu (Microsoft style) EasyWin New  
6.05.359 01/05/2006  New setup for e-commerce EasyWin New  
6.04.358 25/04/2006  New type document added for Canada french users (soumission) EasyWin New  
6.04.357 12/04/2006  The problem with tempory licences for the task-sheduller is now solved (error 4585). EasyWin Fixed  
6.04.356 10/04/2006  New version working with English date format (mm/dd/yyyy) EasyWin New  
6.04.355 09/04/2006  Logical function "AND", "OR" are now availaible in the advanced search fields. EasyWin New  
6.03.354 28/03/2006  In menu Management->Currencies, from now, you can also use give a decimal point for the pruchases prices. EasyWin New  
6.03.353 24/03/2006  From now, to save, you can use the shortcut CTRL-s (Work like F10) EasyWin New  
6.03.352 21/03/2006  The problem to display the amount when using 4 decimals places for the purchase princes is solved. EasyWin Fixed  
6.03.351 15/03/2006  Possibility of adding your conditions of sale (long text) to the bottom of the invoices EasyWin New  
6.03.350 10/03/2006  When selecting more than one order and copying to another document, in the product of the last line from the last document, the quantities in order was not updated. In any case the Tools->reorganisation recalculate all the quantities in order. EasyWin Fixed  
6.03.349 09/03/2006  New parameter in menu : Tools->Parameters->Accounting->Automatic printing the invoice reminder EasyWin New  
6.03.349 09/03/2006  Simplification of the procedure for then network setup EasyWin New  
6.03.347 03/03/2006  New functionality in menu:Management->Cust. or supplier(s)->Category Input here the letter which indicates the customer category and the handing-over which you wish for all the products belonging to this category. EasyWin New  
6.03.348 03/03/2006  Concerning Back-Orders. In case of update from back-order quantities, the update from the quantity in order was not updated when you copy a orders to an invoices (The normal procedure is to copy the backorder directly to the invoice) EasyWin Fixed  
6.03.346 01/03/2006  New update only for Netherlands (print the customer zip code on the left side of the locality) EasyWin New  
6.02.345 28/02/2006  Update only for 800 x 600 screen resolution users EasyWin New  
6.02.343 24/02/2006  Possibility to select the old invoices (paid and (or) not paid) with a reminder date level (right click on the "not paid" button) EasyWin New  
6.02.344 24/02/2006  EasyForYou is now compatible with a barcode portable terminal CPT8001 from cypherlab (available on the tarif LSCPT8001) EasyWin New  
6.02.342 20/02/2006  The problem is resolved, when you save the parameters in the menu tools, in some cases the software give you a error warning. EasyWin Fixed  
6.02.341 17/02/2006  New parameter in menu : Tools->Parameters->Printing->Printing adress on the ticket. EasyWin New  
6.02.341 17/02/2006  New types of payments on the documents : Cash on Delivery and Letter of credit EasyWin New  
6.02.341 17/02/2006  The compression of the database in the menu : Tools -> reorganisation work again. EasyWin Fixed  
6.02.341 17/02/2006  Problems resolved when restarting EFY after modify parameters and (or) users data. EasyWin Fixed  
6.02.340 15/02/2006  Version updated to be compatible with the future Internet Explorer 7.xx EasyWin New  
6.02.339 13/02/2006  New field in menu Tools->Parameters->Do not recompute the product cost price when input purchases EasyWin New  
6.02.338 10/02/2006  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
6.02.336 07/02/2006  In menu Management->Customers or Suppliers, from now, you can use a decimal point in the discount field. EasyWin New  
6.02.335 07/02/2006  In the menu list product, from now, the list of goods to order depends from the optimal quantity. EasyWin New  
6.02.337 07/02/2006  Problem solved when updating stock quantities with decimals points (After Update Go to menu Tools->Reorganisation and recompute your stock quantities). EasyWin Fixed  
6.02.334 03/02/2006  New possibility in menu Management->Ledger->Print parcels to print the total numbers of parcels on the bottom of a document. EasyWin New  
6.02.333 01/02/2006  When printing a order with deposit, is some case, the deposit was not printed. EasyWin Fixed  
6.01.332 26/01/2006  New parameter in menu Tools->Parameters->Products->Decimals points for the quantities EasyWin New  
6.01.331 25/01/2006  When a deposit is equal to zero, the text deposit is not visible on the printed order documents. EasyWin New  
6.01.330 23/01/2006  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
6.01.329 20/01/2006  Problem when printing a purchase back-order fixed. EasyWin Fixed  
6.01.328 17/01/2006  New parameter in menu Tools->Parameters->Printing->Borders EasyWin New  
6.01.327 13/01/2006  When printing a document and the field price was not selected in menu Management->Ledger, the last price was printed. EasyWin Fixed  
6.01.326 11/01/2006  In menu Management->Company->Description EFY use this description when printing a document and if the default language (menu Tools->Parameters->Cust. or Suppliers) is the same as the customer language. EasyWin New  
6.01.325 09/01/2006  When changing quantities for a product associated with REPROBEL taxes, in case of non-percentage calculation, from now, the quantities of the taxes change with the quantities of the product. EasyWin Fixed  
6.01.324 05/01/2006  When selecting a document and preview, sometimes, the printed was not the same as the previewed. EasyWin Fixed  
6.01.323 04/01/2006  When a customer validate is order on the e-shop, then e-shop send a e-mail confirmation to the customer and a copy to the reseller. E-Shop New  
6.01.323 04/01/2006  Update layout for estimate document. From now, estimate includes payment and deposit possibilities. EasyWin New  
6.01.322 31/12/2005  Internal update for version number EasyWin New  
5.12.321 27/12/2005  New button in the management -> Toolbar to select all the documents from a specific customer or supplier EasyWin New  
5.12.320 26/12/2005  From this version, you have the possibility to choose the alignment of the zip code in the address when you print a document EasyWin New  
5.12.319 21/12/2005  Problem solved with menu Tools->Reorganisation->Recomputing the stock. EasyWin New  
5.12.318 19/12/2005  Pictures removed from easywin.exe to free some memory. EasyWin New  
5.12.317 19/12/2005  In Management->Customer, when you add a New customer, the name is converted to a reference and the real encoded name is copied to the Name field. EasyWin New  
5.12.316 16/12/2005  In Menu Tools->Parameters->Printing->Printer name, Allow printers name from 50 characters (before 20) EasyWin New  
5.12.315 16/12/2005  New updated help files on site and when install easyforyou for NL (not included in the update) EasyWin New  
5.12.314 15/12/2005  New updated help files on site and when install easyforyou for EN,FR (not included in the update) EasyWin New  
5.12.313 12/12/2005  In memu Tools->Calculate Margin - Graph, the graph was calculated with the movement dates, from now, the graph is calculated on the document dates EasyWin Fixed  
5.12.312 07/12/2005  Correction in the column purchase price of the list movements. EasyWin Fixed  
5.12.311 06/12/2005  In case of using the packaged products: From now when using Tools Menu->Reorganisation, the quantities in stock are recalculated according the packaged products. EasyWin New  
5.12.310 29/11/2005  According to Windows XP SP2, problem with printer selection in menu Management->Ledger EasyWin Fixed  
5.11.309 24/11/2005  New setup for installation in easyupdate.exe EasyWin New  
5.11.308 24/11/2005  New setup for installation in easyforyou.exe EasyWin New  
5.11.307 21/11/2005  With REPROBEL* produts, from now possibilities to choise for a percentage or fixed amount. EasyWin New  
5.11.306 20/11/2005  Correction of the bug when you press escape in a product form loaded from the document form. EasyWin Fixed  
5.11.305 19/11/2005  The format of the database change from access 97 to access 2000 (you can use this format with Ms access 2003) EasyWin New  
5.11.304 17/11/2005  From this version a warning message appear when you try to add a "unused" product in a document (same for the unused customers) EasyWin New  
5.11.303 14/11/2005  New parameter in menu Extra->Parameter->Accounting Name and function printed on the bottom of the reminder letter. EasyWin New  
5.11.302 07/11/2005  When printing a picking ticket paid by cash, EFY show a form to calculate the cash to return on the customer. EasyWin New  
5.11.302 07/11/2005  When printin list movement and selecting purchases and sales together, the quantity sign was inversed in the case of credit notes. EasyWin Fixed  
5.11.301 04/11/2005  From now, Easyforyou prompt the discount and/or the total discount on the ticket.Parameter in menu Management->Ledger->Print total discount on the document EasyWin New  
5.11.300 02/11/2005  In management->Document, when you edit the price field from a product with pressing F1 key, in the price history panel, from now you can working with more than 2 decimals (check menu Management->Currencies->Decimals for unit prices) EasyWin New  
5.11.299 01/11/2005  Tab cash register reset the Open and Close button and set the customer to REG EasyWin New  
5.10.298 28/10/2005  From now EasyForYou is compatible with currencie CFA (west Africa) EasyWin New  
5.10.297 25/10/2005  With module EFYSERIAL - management serial numbers, when encoding serial numbers, EFY set automatically the product quantities to the total of serial numbers. EasyWin New  
5.10.296 19/10/2005  Possibility to test decreasing prices by quantities in Demo version from EasyForYou EasyWin New  
5.10.295 17/10/2005  Update cost price error when copy a supplier order to a purchase invoice in foreign currencies. EasyWin New  
5.10.294 13/10/2005  Cash-register report - error when calculate a deposit. EasyWin Fixed  
5.10.293 12/10/2005  Print the volumes in the documents. Parameters in menu: Tools->Parameters->Products->Unit of volume->M Management->Products->Length,Width,Height->Values Module = EFYLW Management of measurements for the products EasyWin New  
5.10.292 10/10/2005  Possibility to stop all automatic backup procedure by creating a file named nobackup.txt in the same folder than easywin.exe EasyWin New  
5.10.291 07/10/2005  B2C system for ordering W/O login E-Shop New  
5.10.290 06/10/2005  Decreasing prices by quantities in E-Shop E-Shop New  
5.10.289 03/10/2005  bug: when printin a order, the document is closed. EasyWin Fixed  
5.09.286 29/09/2005  The new module EFYREMINDERS includes now the English reminders letter. Reminders letters avalaible at EasyWin New  
5.09.287 29/09/2005  Problem when deleting a line in a document when the quantity is not a integer. EasyWin Fixed  
5.09.284 27/09/2005  Problem resolved with the search button in the body of the document management. When you click the search button, the results list do not appear and the program ask you to add a new product. EasyWin Fixed  
5.09.283 26/09/2005  The new module EFYREMINDERS includes now the date of the day in the reminders letter. Reminders letters avalaible at EasyWin Fixed  
5.09.282 22/09/2005  New module EFYREMINDERS To manage your invoice reminders. Manual for use in the FAQ at number 22. Download for the letters template at EasyWin New  
5.09.282 21/09/2005  Parameter in Management->Products to show your special offers in the main pages from the e-Shop E-Shop New  
5.09.280 19/09/2005  The rigth click on the print or e-mail button generate a invoice reminder EasyWin New  
5.09.281 19/09/2005  The option "Simplified document number" from Menu Tools->Parameters->Printing work again. EasyWin Fixed  
5.09.279 19/09/2005  The advandced research was not checkable if you dont have a licence. EasyWin Fixed  
5.09.278 15/09/2005  From now, include the deposit in the total cash register EasyWin New  
5.09.275 13/09/2005  Possibility to filter the remind invoices by level with a right click on the "Not paid" buton EasyWin New  
5.09.276 13/09/2005  Printing a document: from now, the height of the text lines in the body is the same as for the products lines. EasyWin Fixed  
5.09.274 12/09/2005  Advanced Management for the remind invoices (menu Management->Users + Menu Tools->Accounting) EasyWin New  
5.09.273 08/09/2005  From now, possibility to resize the document form EasyWin New  
5.09.273 08/09/2005  Management of the special tax NPR (tva non perçue récupérable) in the differents departements from France like Guyane, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Réunion, etc... EasyWin New  
5.09.272 05/09/2005  Correction in the object product and customer browser, set the focus to the grid. EasyWin Fixed  
5.09.271 02/09/2005  Adding the country codes in the Transfert to accounting for Group2000. EasyWin New  
5.08.270 30/08/2005  New possibility in menu Management->Ledger to Add a Link for SECURE PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD on your documents EasyWin New  
5.08.269 29/08/2005  In menu Management->Users, 3 fields are moved from the menu Tools->Parameters->General: 1) At startup show thge orders 2) Daylybackup 3) Path for the dayly backup EasyWin New  
5.08.268 22/08/2005  Problem with the reorganisation, when recompute the stock in the sum of the purchase credit notes quantities. EasyWin Fixed  
5.08.267 19/08/2005  Free version from easyforyou allow to add the product REG and modify the description, price and quantity. EasyWin New  
5.08.266 18/08/2005  Correction in the update messages. EasyWin Fixed  
5.08.265 16/08/2005  From version 263, when printing a picking-ticket, the document was closed by the software, from vers. 265, the document is closed only when copying to the invoice. EasyWin Fixed  
5.08.264 10/08/2005  In Management->Products, a [+] button on the rights side of the field Ref 2 calculate and increase automatically a product number for printing an EAN13 bar code. (Use the mouse-over to check the calculated EAN code). EasyWin New  
5.08.264 10/08/2005  Put a long text in layout.htm->Jo-Message. The message must be available in the a text file FT1.ini (reference ledger) and insite the text file, add a field : Jo-Message-Language. Example : Jo-Message-FR=Mon message. Note :Html Tags allowed. EasyWin New  
5.08.264 10/08/2005  Printing and create EAN13 Barcode (with module EFYBARCODE) EasyWin New  
5.08.264 10/08/2005  In management->Document, with right click on the details grid, context menu Edit(F3) work again. EasyWin Fixed  
5.08.263 01/08/2005  When printing a document, possibility to align the currency field on the left or right from the amount (menu>Management->Currencies->Code to print -> Print on the left) EasyWin New  
5.08.263 01/08/2005  Correction, when copying a customer order to a supplier order, reset the discount to zero. EasyWin Fixed  
5.08.263 01/08/2005  Correction from the filter open-closed document for the picking tickets. In some cases, when picking tickets are closed without a copy to a invoice, the picking ticket stay visible in the list open document. EasyWin Fixed  
5.07.262 25/07/2005  When printing a document, possibility to align the company fields on the right of the document (menu>Management->Company) In some case when update, you need to download and unzip this files EasyWin New  
5.06.261 24/06/2005  System of research multicriterion for module advanced research (EFYADVSEARCH) New possibilities of research on almost all the fields available for the customers, suppliers and products EasyWin New  
5.06.260 23/06/2005  When using Tools->Backup, Easyforyou create a bacth file including the path and filename to restore a backup. EasyWin New  
5.06.259 22/06/2005  Tools Menu->New sheet to compares the frequency of use of the modules with the tariff page of our site in order to enable you to easily determine the best version of the software or modules which are the most appropriate to you. EasyWin New  
5.06.259 22/06/2005  New parameter in menu Manage->Ledger->Print the amount in text on the documents like invoices. EasyWin New  
5.06.259 22/06/2005  Correction in the cash-register tab. In some cases take two time the total cash from the day before. EasyWin Fixed  
5.06.258 14/06/2005  Correction of the calculation of purchase price in the products form when encoding products in document management bought in foreign currencies EasyWin Fixed  
5.06.257 09/06/2005  New possibility to work with produts sub-categories in the E-Commerce. E-Shop New  
5.06.257 09/06/2005  New possibility to list or select the serial numbers for a specific product with a right-click on the product reference in Management->Document. EasyWin New  
5.06.257 09/06/2005  New possibility to manage the sub-categories for the E-Commerce in EasyForYou->Menu Management->Categories->Category mother E-Shop EasyWin New  
5.06.255 08/06/2005  In the E-Commerce, in the price list, show and calculate the differents decreasing prices by quantities. E-Shop New  
5.06.256 08/06/2005  Bug when entering a serial number in the management->Document, if the selected document is closed, the product is added in the closed document. From now, in this case, EFY add a new opened document. EasyWin Fixed  
5.06.255 04/06/2005  Update some wrong text translations. EasyWin Fixed  
5.06.254 01/06/2005  When printing montly cash-registry (EFYREG), to have a shorter listing, do not print the days with no cash movements. EasyWin New  
5.01.215 29/05/2005  In management->Ledger->Encoding of the mode of payment obligatory before the printing: New rule, the encoding of the payment is not obligatory if you specify a type of payment in the Management->Customer->Payment-> EasyWin New  
5.01.215 29/05/2005  In management->Document->Details->Set a product reference REG if price and quantity is different from zero and the reference product is empty. (best for history in Menu->List->Movements EasyWin New  
5.05.253 26/05/2005  System to show (and print) the customer orders or invoices. E-Shop ToDo  
5.05.252 24/05/2005  In menu -> Management->Company, possibility to include IBAN and BIC Code and HTML tags inside Bank account number field EasyWin New  
5.05.251 19/05/2005  No more EFYADVSEARCH package needed to resize the width of your colums in the research browser. EasyWin Fixed  
5.05.250 18/05/2005  No more problems to ordering module EFYPRICEPQ from menu Tools->Parameters->Products when clicking on default quantities. EasyWin Fixed  
5.05.249 13/05/2005  No more problems for printing document when total is 0. EasyWin Fixed  
5.05.248 11/05/2005  New Parameter in the ledger management to print transport data on the documents. Menu->Management->Ledger->Printing transport Data. EasyWin New  
5.05.248 11/05/2005  New Parameter to print a large (A4) ticket Menu->Tools->Parameters->Printing->Ticket A4 EasyWin New  
5.03.230 04/05/2005  Parameter to show the prices VAT or Sales tax include ( new variable nVatInclude = 21 :If >1 then Show the prices VAT Include E-Shop New  
5.05.246 02/05/2005  Removing the message EFYREG at startup EasyWin Fixed  
5.05.247 02/05/2005  When printing a document, the number of copies work again in the printer dialog and the cancel button to. EasyWin Fixed  
5.04.244 27/04/2005  From now, the product management is no more included in the free lite version. EasyWin New  
5.04.243 21/04/2005  Problem in the layout when printing some specific documents including serial numbers. EasyWin Fixed  
5.04.242 19/04/2005  In some cases, when printing documents, the default printer change. Now EasyForYou reset the default printer after printing documents. EasyWin Fixed  
5.04.241 15/04/2005  Menu Management->Licences, new button to get your licences strait on-line (no more licences .COD sended by e-mail) EasyWin New  
5.04.240 15/04/2005  Menu List->Documents,Movements,Products, new possibility of selection on the type of VAT Code(6%,19%,21%...) EasyWin New  
5.04.239 13/04/2005  Problem with advanced search function for serial numbers. EasyWin Fixed  
5.04.238 11/04/2005  Problem with currencie in case of a copy from customer order to a supplier order. EasyWin Fixed  
5.03.237 28/03/2005  New export to accounting FIDES - Group 2000 Software (package EFYACCOUNT) EasyWin New  
5.03.237 28/03/2005  In some cases, problem with the length of the references when adding new records EasyWin Fixed  
5.03.236 24/03/2005  Problem when printing the zip code from a document with a delivery address. EasyWin Fixed  
5.03.235 23/03/2005  New Function to open a hardware cash-register when printing a ticket. EasyWin New  
5.03.234 15/03/2005  Problem for printing documents when an apostrophe is present in the locality of the customer or supplier from this document EasyWin Fixed  
5.03.233 14/03/2005  New parameter in management->Leger->Manage Ecotax (So, at your choice, you can enabling or disabling the ecotax system when you purchase products) EasyWin New  
5.03.232 10/03/2005  For printing the invoices and the other documents, new parameter for the thousand separator in the amounts.
Menu Tools->Parameters->General
EasyWin New  
5.03.231 08/03/2005  New parameter for printing a discount on documents in menu->Tools->Parameters->Printing->Print a discount calculated on the difference between price 1 and the selling price. EasyWin New  
5.03.230 04/03/2005  Possibility for the customer to sort the list produtcs by column (reference, description, prices)
See also the file new value nOrderByColumn = 1= Show products by references 2 By Description 3 By price.
E-Shop New  
5.03.230 04/03/2005  When focus is on a combobox if you press F10 the value from the combo is not saved (only the value in the combo, the oters are saved) EasyWin Fixed  
5.03.229 03/03/2005  Increase the fields size from 20 to 200 in the menu Tools->Parameters->Folder for your backup. EasyWin New  
5.03.228 02/03/2005  When adding products with a Laser-Scanner, in some case dont read the product reference. EasyWin Fixed  
5.02.227 28/02/2005  In management->document, new function to search all the serial numbers for a specific product. Type your product reference followed by a wildcard (*) in the tool-bar field for serial number research and make your choise in the popup. EasyWin New  
5.02.227 28/02/2005  Changin the size of the VAT field in frame Management->Company according to the new rule for the VAT adjustments. Effective in january 2006 for the new European VAT number format + localisation EasyWin New  
5.02.227 24/02/2005  Possibility to add a long description linked to each produtcs with a simple HTML file in folder images like:
REF_PRODUCT[optional: LANGUAGE (two letters)].HTM
E-Shop New  
5.02.227 24/02/2005  In the e-Shop, new parameter in the file>nThumbsSystem to show the products with image thumbs linked to your file for specific layout [thumbs.htm] or in a list. Now the user can choise with a radio button List or Images. E-Shop New  
5.02.227 24/02/2005  Parameter for Prices decreasing by quantity for the e-Commerce E-Shop New  
5.02.227 24/02/2005  When deleting a product with ECOTAX, delete also the ECOTAX line. E-Shop Fixed  
5.02.226 23/02/2005  If menu->Tools->Parameters->Printing->To print the reference (REFND) is not checked, in some cases when printing documents, the references stay visible. EasyWin Fixed  
5.02.225 22/02/2005  In the Back-Order Tab, show all the orders from the differents document and recompute the total sum in the default currency even some documents are encoded in alien currencies. EasyWin Fixed  
5.02.224 21/02/2005  Improvement of the printing speed for the tickets EasyWin New  
5.02.224 21/02/2005  Problems for printing more than one copy of a document. EasyWin Fixed  
5.02.224 21/02/2005  When make a purchase order with another currency and copying to a purchase invoice. The amount was calculated with the default setting currency and not with the specific currency from the original purchase order. EasyWin Fixed  
5.02.223 18/02/2005  Menu->Management->Customer: When adding a new customer, when select the localities, fill automatically the country and the curencie field according to the VAT (tax) rules. EasyWin New  
5.02.223 18/02/2005  In menu Management->Ledger, new parameter: When adding a line product in a document, send Automatically a carriage return to add a new blank line. (For fast encoding when the default quantity is one) EasyWin New  
5.02.222 17/02/2005  According to the European rules, in Menu Tools->Parameters->Customers, possibility to automatically include the country code in the ZIP code when printing documents.
1000 Brussels -> B-1000 Brussels
EasyWin New  
5.02.222 17/02/2005  In management->Custommer & suppliers, increase the size for the fields Phone, Fax and mobile. EasyWin New  
5.02.221 14/02/2005  When printing documents, print the the real percentage and the VAT code when the VAT amount is 0. EasyWin New  
5.02.220 11/02/2005  When printing document and the customer field Phone, Fax or Mobile (Cell Phone) is empty, EasyForYOu dont print the label->Phone:,Fax: or Mobile: EasyWin New  
5.02.220 11/02/2005  In management->Document, when seaching products by secondary reference, in some case dont find the product with the secondary reference. EasyWin Fixed  
5.02.219 09/02/2005  New field STATE in menu Management->Company. (for USA) EasyWin New  
5.02.219 09/02/2005  Problem in Menu List->Movements: when make a selection by Date 2 and Date 1 is left blank, no selections occurs with date 2. EasyWin Fixed  
5.02.218 04/02/2005  In Management->Document->Advanced search, The ability to search on DEPOSIT REF, PAYMENT REF EasyWin New  
5.02.218 04/02/2005  The field -> Tools->Parameters->Products->Document default quantity= Packaging quantity is moved to the Management->Ledger form according now to each type of documents. EasyWin New  
5.02.218 04/02/2005  In Management->Document->When you give a discount for the entire document or add a product, the price for ECOTAX (RECUPEL AND REPROBEL) are not updated. EasyWin Fixed  
5.02.218 04/02/2005  Te Ecotax (Recupel or Reprobel) taxes are only added in the sales tabs, not in the purchases tabs. EasyWin Fixed  
5.02.216 02/02/2005  Parameter to hide/show the prices and to hide/show the caddy function w/o login ( E-Shop New  
5.02.217 01/02/2005  According to the Back-Order only. (EFYBACKORDER) In management->Document->Order, when copying a Order to a new document. The delivered quantities are not reset to 0 in the new document. EasyWin Fixed  
5.02.216 01/02/2005  When changing big total in a document, problem with verion 215 only (Sql sintax Error Msg: TOP 1) EasyWin Fixed  
5.01.215 31/01/2005  Update the due date when changing date in the invoice. EasyWin New  
5.01.214 28/01/2005  Menu Tools->Parameter->General->Check box to give a warnig message if you forget to encode a serial numbers in one of the produts from the active document. EasyWin New  
5.01.214 28/01/2005  Bug: Menu->Tools->Regroup documents. EasyWin Fixed  
5.01.214 28/01/2005  Bug: Button move First, Previous, Next, End records are slow and in some case dont work EasyWin Fixed  
5.01.213 27/01/2005  When install a new version, for the demo products, recompute all price VAT included according to the specific country VAT code. EasyWin Fixed  
5.01.213 27/01/2005  Problem when printing serial numbers on documents (when flag Management->Ledger->No details was checked) EasyWin Fixed  
5.01.212 26/01/2005  In Management -> Customer -> Payment adding a due date + 10 days (specific for France) EasyWin New  
5.01.211 24/01/2005  Menu Tools->Reorganisation, new check box for verification of the stock quantities for all products. This according to all input and output in history. EasyWin Fixed  
5.01.210 21/01/2005  New Layout for Invoice or Order including a payment transfert on bottom. Ativated when Management->Customer->Payment is on Transfert (see also layoutVIR.htm) EasyWin New  
5.01.210 21/01/2005  New parameter to manage the left margin when printing documents. Menu Tools->Parameter->Printing->Margin document EasyWin New  
5.01.209 20/01/2005  Menu->Tools->Reorganisation->Can not Lock database EasyWin Fixed  
5.01.208 17/01/2005  Automatically add a line and calculate Recupel and Reprobel tax for the related products E-Shop New  
5.01.207 14/01/2005  EFYLISTVAT -> Export all customers and calculate amounts to create the official file format for Belgium. EasyWin New  
5.01.206 07/01/2005  Management->Ledger: Automatic reset for the document numbers at the begin of each year EasyWin Fixed  
5.01.205 03/01/2005  New check box in the Management->Ledger to print the secondary reference (purchase orders) EasyWin New  
5.01.202 01/01/2005  Management->Ledger :Parameter for printing the product secondary reference EasyWin New  
5.01.204 01/01/2005  F10 dont work in the "type payement" form EasyWin Fixed  
5.01.203 01/01/2005  Dont allow easyForYou update the WE EasyWin Fixed  
4.12.201 12/12/2004  Automatic adjusment of the quantity for all the ECOTAX products in Management->Documents EasyWin Fixed  
4.12.202 03/12/2004  May not closing a order when copying to a price-offer EasyWin Fixed  
4.11.199 01/12/2004  Better alignment of the words in the document text editor EasyWin Fixed  
4.11.200 25/11/2004  New parameter in FT1.INI ->PrintPriceWeight=Y to print price by weigth in a document EasyWin New  
4.11.201 25/11/2004  New parameter in FT1.INI ->DontPrintVATNumber=N to remove the VAT reference of a customer on printing document for a specific ledger EasyWin New  
4.11.198 12/11/2004  New tools in Menu->Tools->Regroup documents EasyWin New  
4.11.165 11/11/2004  Tools menu -> Function Backup EasyWin New  
4.11.197 04/11/2004  Management -> Documents -> Price -> F1 -> possibilily to encode prices by weight or meters, square meters, M3 and ton. Seel also Tools->Parameters->Products EasyWin New  
4.11.190 02/11/2004  Possibility to choice a different background by language (homeLA.htm) E-Shop New  
4.11.170 01/11/2004  In all the list new check-box for export to Excell EFYEXCEL EasyWin New  
4.10.155 20/10/2004  In tools->Parameter->Print, new parameter in mm for width of the left margin when printing a ticket EasyWin New  
4.10.160 10/10/2004  Add a Back-Order reference in the invoice when copy from a Back-order. EasyWin New  
4.10.154 10/10/2004  Link the amount of body-lines and feed-lines with the type of ledger in FT1.ini EasyWin New  
4.09.154 09/09/2004  Module EFYGENORDER - Possibility to automatically group all your orders by customers and copy to invoices for a specific period EasyWin New  
4.09 09/09/2004  Parameter to remove the calendar in then Tools->Parameters EasyWin New  
4.09.150 09/09/2004  Change the font for the document page numbers when printing documents EasyWin Fixed  
4.09.152 05/09/2004  Make your products or customer selections with Double Click in the search browser EasyWin New  
4.09 01/09/2004  When printing document, add a new text : Val. = Valide until + date (the date is the second date of the document) EasyWin New  
4.07 07/07/2004  In management ledger, remove the possibilities to check the sale price on the purchage documents EasyWin Fixed  
4.06 06/06/2004  Toots->Parameter->General->use the tool tiptext EasyWin New  
4.04 06/06/2004  In Management->Document, the column margin is editable EasyWin New  
4.05 05/05/2004  New setup (install) system including uninstall EasyForYou EasyWin New  
4.04 07/04/2004  Add the VAT codes for country Réunion EasyWin New  
4.04 04/04/2004  Possibility to close a order when back-order exist EasyWin New  
4.04 04/04/2004  In management -> Documents, Tools Button to activate calculator EasyWin New  
4.02 02/02/2004  Possibility to edit the layout of a document EFYLAYOUT and EFYLAYOUT2 (see price list) EasyWin New  
4.02 02/02/2004  Text edidor do not save the ; caracter EasyWin Fixed  
4.02 01/02/2004  Copy and paste for products record EasyWin New  
4.02 01/02/2004  Task scheduller to create documents EasyWin New  
4.01 20/01/2004  In document sended by mail, dont show the page numbers. EasyWin Fixed  
4.01 01/01/2004  Previeuw before printing documents EasyWin New  
4.01 01/01/2004  Automatic management of the VAT code linked to the currency code from a cusomer (see currencie management) EasyWin New  
4.01 01/01/2004  New fields for length and width in products management EasyWin New  
4.01 01/01/2004  Parameter to print simplified document number (FT12004000004655 -> 2004/45) EasyWin New  
4.01 01/01/2004  Adding a possibility to reopen a document in right-click menu on document number EasyWin New  
4.01 01/01/2004  recompute balance and turnover in the tools->reorganisation form EasyWin New  
4.01 01/01/2004  Print the date now in invoice reminder checked in management -> document EasyWin Fixed  
3.12 12/12/2003  In management documents, remember the focus field in the history frame when press F1 key on the price of a product EasyWin New  
3.11 11/11/2003  Online rate currencies update. See package EFYCURONLINE EasyWin New  
3.10 10/10/2003  EasyForYou at the end of setup, put an icone on the desktop EasyWin New  
3.09 03/09/2003  Tools -> Scheduler : Check the old date for creating documents if you do not use EFY every days. EasyWin Fixed  
3.09 01/09/2003  List customer and supplier -> Add a check box to select only custormers or suppliers or the two EasyWin New  
3.07 01/07/2003  Lock the possibility to change the 'Update stock' status when existing movements for the products EasyWin Fixed  
3.06 01/06/2003  Possibility to searching a product on the second reference EasyWin New  
3.06 01/06/2003  Unlock all record locking when reorganise (tools menu) EasyWin Fixed  
3.05 05/05/2003  Show the picture (jpg or gif) of a product in the prduct management EasyWin New  
3.03 03/03/2003  In the document management, field for the choise of the numbers copies. By default give the field 'number of copies' in customer management. EasyWin New  
3.02 03/02/2003  Add button to delete package in menu 'Save package' EasyWin Fixed  
3.02 02/02/2003  When creating a new customer, automatic checking if existing with the VAT number EasyWin New  
2.12 30/12/2002  Problem when searching (scrolling) supplier in the product management EasyWin Fixed  
2.12 12/12/2002  Function for importing data's from old EasyForYou DOS version EasyWin New  
?  Serial printings, verify the flag Management->Ledger->Print pictures on documents EasyWin ToDo  
?  Possibility to input differents payments in a document (actualy two). EasyWin ToDo  
?  After validate a order, sending copy of the order by mail to the customer ( E-Shop ToDo  
?  Securised payment system for credit card for the Eshop (B2C) E-Shop ToDo  
 New parameter for Decimal Choice for the weigth in currencies management EasyWin ToDo  
?  Menu->List For all selections frames, add a new selection field: Customer or supplier turnover EasyWin ToDo  
?  Insert Zip-Codes for Germany EasyWin ToDo  
?  Possibility to change the currencie on the E-Commerce E-Shop ToDo  
?  Task scheduller -> Selection for the custommer language EasyWin ToDo  
?  Menu->List For all selections frames, add a new selection field: Type of payment EasyWin ToDo  
?  Import and export for Outlook Express (adress book) EasyWin ToDo  
?  Possibility to sorting by column in the search browser for products or customers EasyWin ToDo  
?  Maximum or minimum margin alert for the produtcs EasyWin ToDo  
?  Add a category search field in the advanced search function in the document->management. EasyWin ToDo  
?  Possibility to modify the total quantities in a document EasyWin ToDo  
 Register for touch-screen linked in the products database EasyWin ToDo  
?  Adding a management with differents levels for the invoice reminder EasyWin ToDo