One year update

Update of the modules 'Easy For You':
With the purchase of your first pakages or deal, you have right to one year or one month of free update according to the versions.
(one year from Premium version) Following this period, if you wish it, you can buy a module EFYUPDATE which renews for one year the updated of the whole of your modules.
(Calculated from the end of the previous update period). Of this manner you always have of the last corrective measures, the new functionalities in perfect conformity with the last technological developments and the adaptations in conformity with the last legal provisions. The one year price of update is calculated on fifteen percent from total amount of your pakages. In order to avoid any risk of incompatibility due to regular updates of Windows, the update of our software is made mandatory at least once a year. NB:
since 2019, the calculation of the annual update also takes into account customized programming that has been done for the customer. Custom programming gives us extra work when programming these updates. This overload due to a minority of customers is not absorbed by the revenue from all updates without custom programming. As for the other modules, the price of updates is 15% of the total custom programming (EFYPRO). For customers with significant programming, the maximum total amount for the adjusted programming update is limited to EUR 2666 EUR, that is, 15% = Max.
EUR 400 / excl.
VAT / YEAR for the EFYPRO modules